MOTIVATION is everything, for without it we would never stir from our slumbers, for that matter we’d never even arrive in our bed. We need motivation to live. The only question is, for each and every individual, how much? In my case, apparently, in the present time at least, it seems enough to be the best in the world. Perhaps at my time of life, I’m of fifty eight years now, more than the usual level of motivation is required one such that they may continue to train at a level capable to further enhance their performance, but equally, perhaps without the challenge of the most serious physical feat Guinness World Record challenges ahead of me I’d no longer have the motivation to train at all?

My next challenge is The Guinness One Hour Volume Dumbbell Biceps Curling World Record. It is being staged at The Conservative Club, Benfleet, 6th July 2014, commencing 2 pm. I am planning for a one hour volume “free punching”, full contact world ranking bid, later this year, or next. I currently hold the world record for one hour volume weighted (1kg each fist) punching, at this same venue. It stands at 18700 strikes to the hour. I hope to attempt the creating of a new world record this August the 22nd, pushing a person (8 stone in weight) along Southend Seafront in excess of sixty miles in one day.

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Sponsor my one-hour volume dumbell biceps curling word record attempt, and donations go toward the NSPCC:

Perhaps, just a very faint perhaps, this shall make a dent in the forever accelerating rate of social age prejudice and discrimination in our society. Age prejudice begins from that point it is thought something be known of an individual merely on account of the period of time which has elapsed since his, or her, birth. Even friendships are now more commonly measured in years.

This article was written by Dave Kates, local world record holder from Benfleet, who is soon to be attempting more world records in the local area for charity and is seeking sponsors! With the support of the World Record Club, of which he and his team are members of, he is actively training for these world record attempts with the help of Barry Mottram (photographer and former top amateur boxer, who routinely runs two marathons per week as part of his own training) and Geoff Saxton (former England Junior football coach).

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Photographs used in this article with the permission of the photographer, Barry Mottram.