Southend-on-Sea is a town with history. You need only to take a look around to note the eclectic mix of design and architecture that has been created from well over a century of development and redevelopment.

As time has moved towards the present day, the architects that are responsible for the changing spaces in Southend-on-Sea appear to have re-envisioned the idea of what public buildings and spaces are and have abandoned the more traditional ideas of how they should be designed and constructed. The result is a town rich with varying styles, from Grade II listed buildings and structures to modernistic spaces with interactive features.

When out walking in Southend-on-Sea, how often do you stop and look upwards?

In part 2 of “The changing public spaces of Southend-on-Sea” architect Steve Jackson has provided us with a look back through time with some amazing photography of the different styles of architecture adopted in our town over the years.

Southend-on-Sea Parapets

Images ©  Steve Jackson Design

Southend-on-Sea Facades

Images ©  Steve Jackson Design

Southend-on-Sea Gables

Images ©  Steve Jackson Design

This article was published on behalf of Steve Jackson Design.

Steve Jackson Design is an architect in Southend-on-Sea. Based in Rayleigh, Steve Jackson has more than 25 years of experience, in all manner of building types and forms of construction. As an architect in Essex, Steve’s work encompasses everything from small residential home extensions to multi-storey flats, listed buildings, commercial premises including shops, offices, cafes and restaurants, to industrial units.