So, Good Morning, well, morning.. it is morning yes, but it isn’t actually good. Today started at 3:23am, with my youngest (we’ll call her Child B) waking up in a state of sheer apoplexy, emitting volumes of noise only comparable to what I imagine standing 5 feet from a Saturn 5 rocket launch to be like. The cause? Fire? Earthquake? Land slide? Monsters? The sudden and profound realisation that we are nothing more than an amassed collection of billion year old recycled atoms, hurtling our way through a subjective consciousness with no real concept of our very existence? No. Nasopharyngitis – the common cold, to you and me.

Which seems to be affecting every man, woman and beast I meet in this neck of the woods at the moment. “A lot of it about”, or “it’s doing the rounds” is uttered on the end of every sentence I’ve overheard recently. So, Calpol shares are rocketing and parties are being cancelled and being invoices are being posted… Both of mine have it, Child B has one nostril permanently plugged with, what I can only describe as a bio-luminescent pâté, and the other constantly dripping. My eldest (we’ll call him Child A) has the type cough you would expect to hear at the bi-annual gathering of the “60-a-dayer” club.

They’re miserable. As are we, as parents.

Is there anything more soul destroying than seeing the things you love unconditionally, in pain and discomfort, and not being able to help them understand. I want to explain why they feel like they have either a 15 tog duvet rammed up their nasal cavity, and why they cannot eek out even half of a sentence without spluttering like a 1970’s transit van. I want to be able to sit them down and reassure them that these discomforts will pass, and that they’re ironically actually doing good by assisting the development of their immune systems.. But Child B doesn’t yet speak language, and Child A’s age means cannot grasp such an abstract idea..

But, soldier on we must. The last thing they need is a grumpy parent, running out of patience or trivialising their experience. Colds and illnesses come and go, and in the bigger scheme of things, they last a mere blink. And when we consider what other ailments and conditions there are out there, I guess we should count ourselves lucky that there is a light at the end of the noisy, uncomfortable, mucus-filled tunnel!