So I’ve been obsessing over pom-poms for a while now and been secretly yearning from a pom-pom maker, but with Christmas and holidays I never got round to treating myself, until now.

Tucked away on a lonely rack in Hobbycraft, there they were, like little sparkly gems, the pom-pom maker. And so I got it and I’ve been pom-poming ever since. I have also finally had the time to sit down and make some pom-pom bunting and with it being half-term it seems like the perfect opportunity to show you lovely people how.

Firstly you will need:-

  • Faithful pom-pom maker, if you don’t have a trusty pom-pom maker then all you need is 2 doughnut pieces of cardboard
  • A small pair of scissors
  • Wool

Ball of Yarn Wool

1. To start pull open the arms of the pom-pom maker, or cut around 2 circles of cardboard to make a doughnut (make sure the big kids do this part!)

2. Start to wrap around the arm with the wool until it’s full then repeat on the other arm. If using cardboard, wrap all the way around the doughnut until required thickness.

Pom Pom Maker

3. Once both arms are full with wool, fold them back into the centre and snip around the edges with the small scissors. If you’re using cardboard, you need to wiggle the scissors between the 2 circles and snip all the way around the cardboard. Again, this is a big kid’s job.

4. You will then need to cut a length of wool and wrap around the pom-pom between the gap and secure with a knot. I usually wrap it around again and tie another knot for extra security.

5. Now you can pull the arms away from the centre and pull the pom-pom maker apart. If using cardboard then you just need to pull the doughnuts apart and VOILA! One pom-pom!

I tend to roll my pom-pom around in my hand and snip of the unruly bits of wool so it’s more uniformed, but it isn’t necessary.

So now you’ve mastered the pom-pom, the world is your pom-pom oyster.

You can make some bunting or even a bookmark!

Pom Pom Bunting Bookmark