Immune System Athletic : 1 – Virus Strain United : 0

HA! In your FACE, chickenpox!

Your woeful attempts at incapacitating my offspring were pointless. As pointless as a man trying to decipher what his wife means any time she answers a question with the word “fine“.

I'm Fine

Household noise levels have increased exponentially, bath water spillage is up by 75%, bed times have been extended by two books and the commodities markets have seen a late rally.

Child A is back. With a vengeance. When they translated Nietzsche’s “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”, they have obviously mistranslated “stronger”.. They meant “louder”. Trust me.

And I love him for it, he genuinely has me in stitches every day, of every week. It’s been a bit of a learning curve though, knowing how to deal with and handle an infant who is tired, poorly, unable to settle, frustrated and all the time wanting to scratch their skin off. But he’s actually been really good throughout. Bit of moaning here, little whine there, but all in all, he’s been great. Not sure there are many more heart-warming things than trying to provide a distraction and get a laugh from your poorly progenitor, and seeing them smiling through tear-filled, blurry eyes.

On the upside though, I seem to have developed an understanding with him that wasn’t there before. He now understands that the slightest specific movement of my head in a certain way, means “DON’T SCRATCH IT!”… Quite a niche understanding, I grant you, but still. Useful.

Child B, however, is STILL yet to show any signs of the virus, some 3 weeks after the outbreak occurred. So what does that mean? Is she immune? Did she miss it? Will she get it later? Is is still dormant in her system, ready for an almighty breakout the second we drop our guard and assume she’s OK?! Probably.

(Minecraft Chicken Pox:)Minecraft Chicken Pox

I’m very confused. There is no way she couldn’t have contracted it from her sibling. Apparently, (we’ve since learned) she drops her dummy, and, like a Rolls-Royce powered magpie, he’s swooped in and made off with it.. He then “gives is a clean” (by sticking it in his gob for a second or two), and jams it back into her mouth.

We’re planning a holiday at the moment, so I’ve decided to open a book on her 1st spot appearing the when the plane reaches V2….

I’m currently offering 1/50….

But, it seems, we’ve won the home leg fairly comfortably… Now we’ve just got to navigate our way through the tricky away leg..