The latest news on road improvements coming soon in the local area was sent to me by Tony Mihill, the owner of APass4U Driving School based in Southend. As part of the board at SADDIA, which stands for Southend And District Driving Instructors Association, Tony and the rest of the committee work hard to provide a voice to the local council on behalf of the residents of Southend-on-Sea, and across the district as a whole.

Better Signage

The team have been focusing on improving the road signs across Southend. This has resulted in various improvements being agreed to in the area. The tree blocking the sign on the approach to cuckoo corner roundabout, was first reported by SADDIA a year ago. However, due to the location of the tree (within a residents back garden) permission had to be sought by the council before cutting it back. One year on, this has now been achieved  which allows for a much clearer view of the sign allowing safer driving at the junction.

Pothole Problems!

potholesWhen the town experiences heavy flooding such as it has in recent months, potholes can appear quickly. This is caused by the roads expanding and contracting when water-logged. It’s no secret that potholes are a major issue in Southend, the good news is that the problem is being looked at by Southend Council, with Sutton Road being resurfaced again this week (the road has been closed overnight 7pm-6am).

One of the main causes of the problem is that because we have had a lot of wet days interspersed with an odd sunny day, the foliage at the side of local roads has grown much faster than usual. I’ve witnessed this myself on the drive in to work where tree branches were overhanging Sutton road along the double white lined area, where drivers are not allowed to cross lanes, it’s appeared quite dangerous at times, and damaging for vehicles too.

There are also lots of potholes in and around Basildon driving test centre which is causing damage to the local learner cars. Both Southend and Essex Councils don’t have the budget to send workers out to fix the problems as they arise. This means that in some cases it has been making roads quite dangerous to drive on! So the driving instructors of Southend and other Essex towns have taken upon themselves to report these issues on the Essex County Council website, making sure they are dealt with accordingly.

In the meantime, its a good idea to drive slower and sensibly when in heavily potholed areas to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Improved Junctions

Many residents of Southend, particularly those who use the main roads to travel in and out of the town, will have noticed the temporary road closures happening this week between 7pm and 7am (off-peak to avoid disruption) at the Tesco junction on the A127/B1013. This is to allow an underground utilities survey to take place in order to inform designers for an improvement project. Utility work is due to begin on-site in July 2014, with the main construction work set for September 2014. The improvements are part of the councils “Better Southend” project.

Featured Image Source: Welcome to Southend-on-Sea roadsign © Copyright Julieanne Savage and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.