Southend has proven time and time again how much we Southenders love our vintage. The Vintage-on-Sea festival on Saturday demonstrated Southend’s love for all things Vintage with a number of stalls, live music and a stunning display of retro dance by Mr Dickie Bows School of Retro Dance being the main attraction. The lively dancing of the group, led by vintage-enthusiasts Tony and Rose, pulled in onlookers from across the road with their Swing, Jive and 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Mr Dickie Bows School of Retro DanceWe spoke to Rose to find out more about

Mr Dickie Bows School of Retro Dance:

“Mr Dickie Bows School of Retro dance were performing at the weekend for the Southend Festival Vintage on Sea.  Many of our dancers attended giving a varied performance of dances such as Swing Jive, Rock n Roll Jive, the stroll and the Shim Sham.  The class teachers were on hand to answer any questions and gave a stroll lesson to those from the audience who wanted to join in.  The group is incredibly passionate about retro dance and have 3 classes in the local area.  Swing jive on Monday in Ashingdon, Swing Jive in Southend on Wednesdays and Rock n Roll 50s style in Rawreth on Thursdays.  There is no need to book a class just turn up on a pay as you go, drop in and out system.  No partner is required as the class will rotate in order for everyone to dance, however, should you wish to stay with your partner that is quite acceptable.  We will have you dancing in no time and give your social life a revival with a really friendly group of people.”

You can catch them on Facebook here or check them out on YouTube!

The event was held at Warrior Square park, and with the lush grass between my toes and the Summer sun shining down, it was difficult to not be entranced by the overall atmosphere of the fair. Stalls scattered the edges of the Square at the Outdoor Vintage Market, selling vintage crafts and gifts including clothing, homeware and accessories. It was heaven for collectors of retro and vintage fashion.

Vintage-on-Sea was hosted by Bobby’s Girl Vintage as part of the Southend Festival.

Southend Festival Vintage-on-Sea

There was also some fantastic live music from Libby Holcombe (vocals) and Miles Hobb (electric guitar), who did a few 60s covers!

Southend Festival’s Round-Up Video of Vintage-on-Sea 2014

So why does Southend-on-Sea love vintage so much?

First of all, as I understand, usage of the word “vintage” has come to include using the word as a noun.

Second of all, I don’t honestly know.

It’s not like it’s a new phenomenon.

But with all the vintage-inspired events popping up in and around Southend this year, you can’t deny the growing fascination Southend has with all things “vintage”.

This weekend alone, Southend will see a Vintage Fair and  Vintage Over The Sea Dance at the Southend Pier Royal Pavilion, another Vintage Fair at the Kursaal, and Tweed Ride 2014 – where people are encourage to come for a leisurely bike ride around Southend dressed up in vintage attire.

Even our own Crafty blogger at Love Southend, Nicola AKA Vintarge by the Seaside AKA Seaside Vintarge, is obsessed with vintage seaside crafts, and recently even blogged about her experience at the Essex Vintage Wedding Fair at Leigh-on-Sea.

Has Southend gone Vintage mad?

Photos were sourced from the Love Southend Instagram.