Love is in the Air and that Love is Vintage

So while I sit here on a sunny Saturday listening to the Jackson 5, I begin to realise that in the past few months we’ve had the Vintage Festival, the Vintage fair at both the pier and Kursaal, Vintage Wedding Fair in Leigh-on-Sea and the Tweed Ride in just as many months. It gets me thinking why do we love vintage? Not only that when did it become so popular…

Vintage is classified as anything from 1920 up to 20 years to the present, so in this case the 1980’s. That’s depressing, I’m technically Vintage as a person… if a person can be vintage! Hmmmmm…

Okay, so I can’t tell you why its sooooo popular, I ponder whether it’s down to years of austerity but realise I may be grown up but that philosophy is far too heavy on a Summer’s afternoon. So why has it become popular or could it be that we just never noticed before just how good these old things are?

Vintage Southend seaside gift shop

Southend Seaside gift shop – 1950

I can however tell you why I love Vintage

The romance, okay so bare with me with this one, since I was a small child I have had what can only be described as an obsession with the 1930’s and 1940’s. I do realise during that period we have 6 years of war but that’s where my rose tinted romance comes in. I love the old uniforms, I love the pictures of those people letting go for a few hours at a dance, the resourcefulness and resilience of the women back at home. Whenever there’s a book on anything to do with that era I’ve either read it, bought it or it’s currently on my Amazon reading list. I LOVE THIS ERA, fashion in particular handbags, hair, the fight to live and most of all the stories that my Nan and granddad used to humour me with when I nagged for another. It was also when couples courted, so sweet ahhhhhh can you imagine that now?… and given the 6 years of war, you will also hear old people say ‘it’s not like the good old days’ they look on them years fondly!

Southend Vintage Kursaal, postcard and beach

Southend Kursaal in the 30’s and Southend beach party in the 50’s.

I love the fact that when I walk into a vintage shop, whatever I buy, it’s highly unlikely someone my age is going to be sporting the same outfit. It’s individuality at its best. I can say I’m not a slave to fashion but vintage is fashion so technically I am, but not to the high street which saves me a few quid. I love going into 2nd hand furniture shops and having a good rummage around, seeing what I can find and then getting it for half the price you would in a high street shop, then shabby chic’ing my way.

I know that the 2 grey chairs I’m currently working on won’t be available anywhere else, they’ve lasted 20 years so I can’t see why they don’t last a few more. And what I really love is the ‘Make, Do and Mend’ motto. If I can mend it or update it then I will, LOVE IT!!!! In fact my next project is tie-dying a crochet dollie from my other half’s Nan, so watch this space.

I could go on and on and on and on why I love vintage and why we should all embrace it, even if it’s just a little, how about all you vintage lovers tell us why you love it so and for those that live it, whose lifestyle is all about the vintage, why do you chose to live in the past rather then the 00’s? If I could get away with it, I probably would (my other half  doesn’t fully embrace vintage, I feel sad for him sometimes as he’s missing out).

Keep Calm and Love Vintage

Images sourced from: Old photos of Southend-on-Sea