It can’t have been over a month ago that I first saw this pup skateboarding down the high street for the first time. It was a relatively cool evening, and the high street was not particularly busy, but those who bore witness froze in amazement. This astonishing little dog ran alongside his skateboard before jumping on top of it and gliding elegantly down the high street. You could have given him a leather jacket and some shades and he wouldn’t have looked any cooler than he already did.

I immediately texted a friend, though they didn’t believe me. I never heard anything more about this elusive dog…

Skip forward to this week, and it’s all I have read about on Facebook. I learnt that his name is Ziggy, a nine month old Staffordshire bull terrier, trained by his owners Adem Basharan and Alice Aungier who have only had him for six months. Ziggy’s enthusiasm for showmanship (or showdogship) is evidence of his loving home.

Ziggy has become a local sensation with his stunning display of not just skateboarding but acrobatics that the local free runners in the area are probably getting jealous about! This amazing and adorable doggy has even been featured in the Echo this week!

Ziggy pulled a huge crowd last weekend on Southend seafront, and I can imagine that his status as a local celebrity is only going to grow as he develops his already outstanding array of tricks and talents. With the encouragement of his eager audience, of course. Like David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, Ziggy is going to be a star.

Like Ziggy on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter, so you can keep updated on when his next “street performance” will be! Until then you can watch more Ziggy Trixx videos at

So how long before he’s ready for Britain’s Got Talent?

Southend Skateboarding Dog