Room Escape Southend have opened up shop on West Street
with their first interactive escape room attraction…

Zombie Outbreak

When first arriving at 12 West Street, you find the front of the shop boarded up with just a map directing you to the back of quite a derelict car park. In the evening especially, this really enhances the initial buzz of the escape room activity. Even if it wasn’t necessarily supposed to be part of the scenario itself, it almost feels like your first mission is to find the “safe house”. Seconds after ringing the doorbell in the car park, you feel like you’re being dragged into the story immediately, as you’re pulled into the building and frantically asked if you were followed and if you saw any other survivors on your way. From the moment you are given a pen and a “Hello, my name is” sticker in the safe house “waiting room”, you are free to create and introduce your own character to role play in the escape room. The waiting room felt like such an integral part of the whole experience, it’s hard not to get into it. The scientist hosts introduce a very immersive environment from the get-go, rushing around and filling you in on what they’ve been up to. About the risk of infection from a single deadly touch and what they’ve learnt about it so far. They were very specific about how we mustn’t kill the zombie either, as their patient zero captive was our only chance at a cure.

Room Escape Southend Zombie Outbreak Rules

Once the group have all safely arrived at the safe house, you are shown into the room where the zombie is being kept chained and locked up in the cupboard. But, as you all enter, the room shuts and locks behind you, trapping you into the room with the zombie! You must find the hidden clues to solve the puzzles scattered around the room and work out the combination code to escape the room alive.

Once brought into the room, it’s difficult to know where to start. And room escape strategies rely heavily on the group’s dynamic, so it’s easy to imagine that Zombie Outbreak is a very different experience for each group playing. How differently everybody contributes to the solution, and how involved everybody gets, will all affect the outcome of the game. You all have to work together and utilise your teamwork and communication skills if you want to survive.
Room Escape Southend Zombie Outbreak Zombie

Adrenaline takes over each time you hear the buzzer sound (every five minutes), and the zombie becomes agitated toward the loud noise, managing to extend his chain each time… Solving the puzzles around the room gets increasingly more difficult with each additional length added to the zombie’s chain, as you have to manoeuvre around him without becoming infected.

An unsettling claustrophobia creeps in as the flesh-eating zombie gets closer and closer. The room starts to close in around you, and it can quickly become a very stressful environment with the high pressure preventing you from thinking clearly the closer the zombie gets to you. Unless you have nerves of steel, expect to freeze up!

Room Escape Southend Escape Room

A very well done to the “scientists” of Room Escape Southend who put this together. It’s a fantastic concept for an escape room experience, and the brilliant acting throughout really contributes toward the realistic immersion of the game. Highly recommended for those thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies who allow themselves to get lost in the story.

Room Escape Southend Zombie Outbreak Scientists

Zombie Outbreak is just the first of Room Escape Southend’s many weird and wonderful ideas for future escape rooms. 

You can book your tickets on their website for £15,
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