Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, and Southend has seen a surge of foot traffic to the seafront and central areas of towns where trainers are eagerly searching to build up their collection.

People are actually travelling from around the country to catch Pokémon in Sunny Southend! With one police officer even coming across people from Heathrow on his patrols that have come down specifically to catch rare Pokémon here.

So what are some of the things that you should know about playing Pokémon Go in Southend?

1) Follow the @PokemonSouthend Twitter account!

There’s a Twitter account set up for sharing sightings of rare Pokémon in Southend! Follow @PokemonSouthend to keep up to date with the local Pokémon GO news.

2) Grab a free cold drink at The Hive!

Pokémon Go at The Hive

The Hive are getting in on the Pokémon Go action by offering trainers a free ice-cold drink and a Crunchie bar at their PokéStop. So why not pop in on a hot day to restock on Pokéballs, catch some Pokémon and claim your free drink and chocolate bar! All you have to do is walk into the office and Tweet them at @thehivesouthend or check-in on Facebook “The Hive – Southend”!

3) Remember where all the PokéStops and Gyms are in Southend!

Link to full map

The High Street is buzzing with Pokémon activity, but if you venture beyond the High Street, you’ll find Pokéstops all along the seafront around Sea Life Adventure and even 4 PokéStops and a Gym at the end of Southend Pier! Catching Pokémon is always an adventure in Southend. When was the last time you had a stroll down to the end of Southend Pier?

All PokéStops & Gyms in Southend area:

Southchurch Branch Library • The White Horse • Holy Trinity Parish Church Southchurch • Southchurch United Reformed Church • Southchurch Park Main Gates • Southchurch Park Ranger Station • Welcome to Southchurch Park • Observation Platform • The Borough Hotel • Adventure Land Tower • Adventure Golf Helicopter • Rock House Statue • Palace Hotel Southend • Southend Pier Train Station • The Three Shells Beach Cafe • Church of St. John the Baptist Southend • Cliff Lift • Adventure Island Entrance • Adventure Island Post • The Cornucopia • The Hope Hotel • The Kursaal • Seafront Fountains • The Old Boat Crank • Sacred Heart of Jesus Church • Ambleside Social Club • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses • Southchurch Hall and Gardens • Belle Vue Baptist Church • Southend East Train Station • Southend Central Bus Station • Clarence Road Baptist Church • Southend High Street Post Office • St. John’s Church Signpost • Southend Opening Memorial • Dwyers Sandwich Bar • Fishy Weather Vane • Unitarian Meeting House • Elephants on Parade • University of Essex Sign • South Essex College • Forum Poster Wall • The Salvation Army • Royal Hotel • Street Graffiti • Aces Comics • Remembrance Day Poppy Memorial • A Shoe Full of Flowers • Southend-on-Sea High Street Model • Jones and Sons Clock • Benjamin Disraeli Historic Building • All Saints Church • BTMK Cow • Pizza Hut Ceramic Art • Southend Central Train Station • Cherub Overseeing the People • The Forum Southend • The Alex Pub • The Grave of Robert Buchanan • Malvern Playground • Victoria Circus Statue • Southend Full Gospel Church • Southend Victoria Railway Station • Potters House Church • Sutton Road Post Office • Focus Centre Wall Art • Southend Royal Mail Centre • Southend Evangelical Church • Swanage Road Church • Sign for Southchurch East Park Conservation Area • URC The Cornerstone Church • Bournemouth Park Bowling Club

So, as you can see, Pokémon GO is a great opportunity to discover new things in your home town that you may not otherwise have reason to visit. Explore Southend and experience the town like you’ve never seen before.

4) Use PokéVision and PokéCrew to find all Pokémon near you in real time!

PokéCrew Southend Pokémon on bottom half of Southend High Street at the time of writing this.

PokéVision and PokéCrew are real time Pokémon trackers, so you can find all the nearby Pokémon at your location to make it easier for you! Remember that rarer Pokémon despawn faster and will only appear for a very limited time, so be sure to get there quickly to catch them!

Pokémon in Southend

Pokémon around Pier Hill and Adventure Island at the time of writing this.

5) Make sure to pay attention to Twitter!

People are always sharing their Pokémon findings on Twitter, making it a must for live information on where to go.

Sweetfrog are also offering Pokémon Masters a discount for this weekend only! So make sure you get levelled up before heading down to Sweetfrog for a froyo, ice cream or milkshake. Much needed after a long day of catching Pokémon under the Summer sun!

Sweetfrog Pokémon GO discounts:

  • Level 5: 5% off!
  • Level 10: 10% off!
  • Level 20: 20% off!

Not sure where to start on Twitter? Try searching for “pokemon southend” :)

6) Join a PokémonGO Southend Meet-up

If you’re looking to make new friends in Southend and find people to play Pokémon GO with, you’ll be happy to know that there at Pokémon GO Southend meets. There’s one tomorrow from 12 – 8pm, with 75 people attending! The event will be a great chance to mingle with other trainers and adventure around the Southend area together.

Click here for more details!