The litter campaign from July last year was launched by Southend council in conjunction with the Southend Echo, in order to encourage both visitors and residents to Southend-on-Sea to be considerate when binning their rubbish.

As the weather is improving this month and it’s starting to feel a little like Summer already, we residents know that it’s nearly that time of year again. Not long now before we’ll become the local Summer tourist destination of Essex again.

The hot Summer of 2013 brought thousands of tourists into Southend, to enjoy everything Southend has to offer. Our beautiful beach, our bustling high street, our exciting Adventure Island… Unfortunately on our hottest of days last Summer, tourists left over ten tonnes of rubbish along the seafront. A DAY!

This might not come as much of a shock to Southend’s residents who bear witness to these sights over the course of the Summer, and can compare it to our less litter-spoilt town throughout the rest of the year. But as soon as the sun comes out: Fast food wrappers, empty bottles, drink cans, you name it! Scattered around Southend! The seafront looks a mess, Pier Hill looks a mess, the high street looks a mess. And ten tonnes is a horrific amount of trash to just be piled up on the seaside in a single day, left there for someone else to pick up.

Many are quick to blame the visitors who don’t have to deal with the state they leave the beach in when they return home in the evening. But I’m sure there’s also a number of local residents who also fall into the habit of leaving their litter around. Especially at the sight of overflowing bins, it’s easy to leave something on a bench or to the side of the pavement. It’s easy to think, “Well, there are litter pickers walking around everywhere anyway. Someone’ll get it soon”. Yes, there are people who are getting paid to deal with your litter, but it’s a hot day and while you’re enjoying the sun they’re picking up heated trash.

Love Southend Hate Litter

So why not help Southend out a little this Summer by bagging up your litter and taking it with you ’til you see the next bin. There’s over 300 of them along the seafront and, during Summer, are frequently emptied by contractors throughout the day.

Some protips to reduce the amount of litter discarded around town:

  • If you’re going for a picnic, take a spare plastic bag with you for your rubbish afterwards.
  • If you’re buying fast food from a local takeaway, ask for a small plastic bag if they don’t supply you with one already.
  • Crush your cans and your rubbish before binning them to save as much space in the bin as possible. That way they won’t overflow so quickly.

So let this just be a reminder for 2014:

Love Southend, Hate Litter