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Southend Pier became plagued with zombies on Sunday as Essex’s undead took over Southend for the annual Essex Zombie Walk 2014. From the end of the Pier, the sky looked quite angry; like it could have ripped open to rain on us at any moment, washing away our bloody make-up!

Though cloudy it was a pleasant, if not slightly windy, afternoon. Certainly warm enough to not have to wear a coat. Which was fortunate as zombies wearing clean coats and cardigans isn’t the most frightening thought in the world. I popped into Poundland at the Royals Shopping Centre to grab some fake blood, then into Primarks next door for a cheap shirt to splatter fake blood over and a mud mask – skin cleansing and great for that dry and peeling zombie skin texture! (The things I do to fit in….)

Essex Zombie Walk Photos 014

The zombies met and mingled at the Southend Pier Royal Pavilion before the Essex Zombie Walk at 3PM, for photos and make-up. There was a zombie fancy dress competition, with prizes for the best dressed man, woman, couple and child. You’d be surprised at the number of children participating in the Zombie Walk. I think most would assume that the event wouldn’t be particularly family-friendly, but there were a number of children who probably got more into character than the adults did, naturally enthusiastic about having messy face paint on and fake blood dripping all over them. There were a couple of adorable little girls dressed as Disney princess zombies too. I think I also saw a zombie Elsa from Frozen.

Amongst other undead nasties, a few notable costumes that I personally thought were incredibly put together were David Sellicks’ zombie clown costume (just plain creepy to say the least), the grim reaper on stilts, some zombie brides and zombie Santa Claus!

Essex Zombie Walk Photos 014

Everybody looked fantastic, and you could tell that everybody went through great lengths to zombify themselves as best as possible. There were all sorts of zombies there, from the more conventional looking Romero/B-movie zombies to the more modern-looking horror zombies that almost looked like they should be an additional member of Slipknot.

And I must say, it was quite impressive to see zombies taking selfies mid-growl. It’s no easy accomplishment to walk the length of Southend Pier without breaking zombie character but, for the most part, these guys did it.

After the Zombie Walk had come to and end, with crowds of people looking on at the Pier entrance in terror, the ghouls of Essex went to the Park Inn Palace Hotel opposite to watch a free screening of the 1965 classic horror film with Christopher Lee: Dr Terror’s House of Horrors. Though I did see zombies shuffling around throughout the evening. They must taken to the town to terrorise the good folks of Southend high street. All in all, a great day out that was fun for all the family!

A great big Thank You to everybody at Silent Studios and The White Bus for organising such an amazing event (and giving me permission to use their official photos). You can find even more photos of the Essex Zombie Walk on the Facebook community page, and look out for the upcoming Horror-on-Sea festival 2015! 

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