You may have heard of Craft Club before. They were the ones that popularised yarn bombing in Southend. Over the past few months they’ve gained a lot of local attention with their yarnbombing escapades, with their Valentines Day Romeo and Juliet yarnbomb outside of the South Essex College and their crocheted Christmas decorations around the Leigh-on-Sea area.

Recently they’ve been bringing the community together through crowd-sourcing crocheted pieces for a new project, attempting to beat the existing Guinness World Record for Largest Display of Crochet Sculptures which currently stands at 4061 crocheted items. The finalised project will be displayed on the 25th August 2014 in the Little Havens Hospices garden for seriously ill children who are sadly not expected to reach adulthood.Southend Craft Club Mushrooms

The theme of this yarn bomb project is The Magical Faraway Tree, a series of children’s books written by Enid Blyton, which tells the tales of the children’s adventures in an enchanted wood as they climb the gigantic tree that has grown way beyond the clouds in the sky. Along the way, they meet the magical creatures that inhabit the tree, including Moon Face and Silky the fairy. Hopefully when the Little Havens garden has reached completion, the children there will have an enchanted garden of their very own to explore and play.

Helen, Craft Club member, has said, “We all remember the magical qualities that The Magic Faraway Tree had for us as children as you imagine the land at the top of the tree as being anything you want it to be. This seemed like the perfect basis for our yarnbomb at Little Havens and the project has grown from there. Now we’re hoping to break a World Record at the same time and to do that we really need the community to get involved.”Southend Craft Club Enchanted Garden

If you wish to contribute toward creating this magical fantasy garden for the children of Little Havens, contact Craft Club to find out how you can send over your crocheted pieces. If you live in Essex, you can donate your crocheted items by popping into your local Havens Hospices charity shop and letting them know that the item is for the Little Havens crochet garden. And if you can’t crochet, you can always donate any yarn that you may have lying around at home!

You can also catch the Craft Club at the Village Green Festival, where they will be exhibiting the progress made so far toward the goal, and people are able to participate in crochet workshops and help to contribute your own piece to this inspiring cause.Southend Craft Club Yarnbomb World Record

All images are lovingly borrowed from Craft Club’s Facebook page.