Move over, Shoreditch! From tech startups to software development to web design Southend is hungry to become the next Tech City!

Of course such an ambitious goal won’t happen overnight, but The Hive is determined to get Southend’s tech industry buzzing and inspire hardware, software and internet start-ups to grow their business in our sunny seaside town.

First opened in June 2015, in the building of the former Southend Library, The Hive enterprise centre aims to be the tech hub of Southend and an incubator for developing businesses. According to, Southend-on-Sea has a higher than national average number of self-employed residents and 89.7% of businesses in Southend have less than ten staff (again, higher than the national average). The Hive’s fully serviced shared office space provides these businesses with the facilities and support that they need through the different phases of the business’ growth. But The Hive offers more than just a desk to work from; it offers a community culture where businesses are encouraged to collaborate with each other in a progressive environment, surrounded by quirky interior….

The Hive Southend

Tech City-on-Sea Beer and Pizza Night

Tech-y folk are notoriously assumed to be socially challenged nerds who never stray too far from the comfort of their own computer desks. But The Hive has dispelled this myth, proving the hypothesis that if you provide free beer and free pizza (and free wifi) you can really get them to congregate anywhere.

Tech City on Sea Beer and Pizza Night

Mark Kass, founder and CEO of The Hive, invites local tech enthusiasts to The Hive for a series of free events with complementary beer and pizza to get the local tech community networking on a regular basis. The Tech City-on-Sea Beer and Pizza Nights are aimed to bring together anyone who is keen to get involved with the growth of Southend as a Tech City, and attendants are encouraged to bring business cards and demos/decks of their products or services – or just simply share their ideas.

Tech City on Sea Beer and Pizza Night

As everyone knows, those who love tech… love pizza. So as you down a nice cold beer, you can also bite into a slice of hot pizza as you discuss (or debate) with like-minded people everything from marketing strategies to programming languages. Tech City-on-Sea Beer and Pizza Night presents a fantastic opportunity to gain insight to growing your tech start-up or business.

Tech City on Sea Beer and Pizza NightYou don’t have to be a computer genius or coding wizard to get involved. All you need is an interest in growing Southend’s tech sector (be it FinTech, MedTech, GameTech, MarTech or whatever) to build up our town as the Silicon Valley of Essex. Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, developer, investor, or tech ambassador? Come along for the free beer and pizza; stay for the networking!

“We are investing in a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that should see us attract some world class technology entrepreneurs and by working closely with the schools, colleges and universities, are keen to ensure that local people help us deliver our vision to extend London’s TechCity concept to Southend.”

– Mark Kass, Founder and CEO of The Hive


Dates for Beer and Pizza Night

  • Night #1: 16/06/2015
  • Night #2: 19/11/2015
  • Night #3: TBA!!