I recently had the pleasure of revisiting Room Escape Southend for their most recent attraction: The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb. My last experience with Room Escape Southend was over two years ago when I survived their Zombie Outbreak, but they’ve come a long way since their zombie-themed roots and have since explored numerous escape room themes. Most themes still incorporate the horror element to get your adrenaline going, from “Apartment 666” to “The Cabin”, but it’s refreshing to see such innovation when it comes to their scenes and back stories for each game.

Room Escape Southend: Curse of the Mummy

The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb felt extremely reminiscent of Crystal Maze (which, thinking about it, is the original escape room). The eeriness of the Ancient Egyptian motif worked well with the contraptions you’re required to solve to progress onto the next room. Yes, you heard right: There’s more than one room. In fact, there are six different spaces in which you’ll find yourself studying the walls, crawling through the sand and reaching around blindly in the dark. I’d advise you to stop thinking of each room as its own separate section, and instead think of how they’re all connected.

Room Escape Southend: Curse of the Mummy

There’s certainly a bit more physical activity to this escape room, as you’ll be moving around a lot after you unlock each section, but nothing that you could consider a “workout”. And, as your team leader is given a backpack for your quest inventory to start, if you think strategically from the beginning you can minimise how often you have to go back for something!

You literally feel like tomb raiders, breaking into Ancient Egyptian crypts and trying to solve the clues and puzzles to prevent the curse of the mummy from unleashing itself and its horde of the undead into the world.

(Just try not to actually break anything. They were quite specific about that, after past incidents where people who couldn’t solve their way out instead tried to break their way out.)

Room Escape Southend: Curse of the Mummy

Unfortunately, we required a couple of clues during our experience and are not the puzzle masters we initially thought ourselves to be. Additionally, despite us all boasting at the beginning how we were all good with being in dark, tight spaces, when it actually came down to it we spent quite a while arguing who would go first, who would go alone, etc, etc…

Book quickly, The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb is only running from April 12th 2018 to 4th August 2018!

I’m familiar with how a lot of escape room companies structure their premises into multiple, single-room escape rooms which you can select from. But what’s really admirable about Room Escape Southend is how they devote everything to a single attraction per season. You can really see how much thought goes into every little detail, from the puzzles to the aesthetic, and the sense of pride that they have for each creation. You don’t feel so much just another customer through the doors, but rather a guest invited into their strange little world. And, for the same price (if not cheaper!) than a cinema ticket, why watch a movie when you can pretend to be in one!

Room Escape Southend’s next attraction, coming August 2018, will be A Haunting on West Street.

Haunting on West Street