Not Your Average Jo Delivery Service

Using delivery services to send packages is often a headache.
It’s expensive and complicated.  There should be another option.

Cue local entrepreneurs Matt Brown, Mick Coulter and Eoin Brady. The talent behind the new Southend start-up ‘GoJoApp’  that connects couriers and customers with a nifty app that lets you post your job, find someone in the area who can deliver, and track your item. All the right steps have also been taken to ensure complete customer satisfaction with a ‘package selfie’ sent from your friendly courier to show everything has been delivered as required.

GoJo works to help both customers and couriers to fulfil their needs. It enables customers to deliver a range of items – from a set of forgotten keys, to a pushchair, to your daily stock – whilst helping those who want to earn a little more from the journeys they are already making. All GoJo drivers are self-employed and therefore take personal pride in their work, meaning you get exemplary service along with that cheeky selfie at the end! The app itself (available for free on mobile and PC) also allows great flexibility by letting drivers opt to take on jobs based on vehicle requirement. So now customers who need oddly shaped items delivered or simply do not want to spend hours packaging items can have a better option.

GoJo App Preview

Due to GoJo utilising the time and space of drivers, which would otherwise go to waste, it is cheaper than standard methods of delivery.

Eoin Brady, one of the founders of GoJo, says:

“We want to make things easy for everyone. GoJo is the easiest way for a customer to book a delivery. We believe in putting the choice in the deliverer’s hands and giving them a much higher proportion of the delivery price than they would receive otherwise.”

It is the first app to be produced at Southend’s new business centre, the Hive, situated on the top two floors of the Beecroft Art Gallery in Victoria Avenue.

Chief Executive of the Hive, Mark Kass, says:

“We have been developing the concept of ‘Tech-on-Sea’ here in Southend and we are extremely proud that GoJo has been produced here within less than a year of our opening.  We have worked hard to provide an environment of support to get this excellent app off the ground.”

(To find out more about the Hive, see

GoJo will change the way deliveries are done, and it started here in Southend.

GoJo currently covers the Southend to London corridor, with more couriers signing up every day.  If you’re interested in earning some extra money as a courier or trying out their custom delivery service, download the free app on your mobile or visit