Almost three years ago I had to say goodbye to my beloved Ford Focus and for the sake of cost and convenience purchased a Peugeot 1007 from a local car dealer.

Since buying the car (which I have to admit, wasn’t my best buy), I’ve replaced all of the tyres twice and it also had a new heater resistor fitted last winter when the internal fans stopped working. I had this work, plus the annual MOT test at a garage close to my workplace for convenience. It also had a new windscreen last year fitted by another local business in Southend.

Recently the heat-shield on my exhaust cracked and was rattling against the spare wheel. Plus I’d had an advisory on the last MOT that the rear brakes were unbalanced. A friend of mine recommended that I try RS Automotive Ltd in Southend for garage services in Southend as he used them frequently and only had good things to say about them.

I hadn’t heard of this particular garage before, but then I realised that they were located in Vanguard Way Shoeburyness, which is a 10 minute walk from my front door and I like to support local business so I decided to give them a go. I drove over to them one evening after work and booked my car in for the repairs needed along with a service as the car was overdue one.

RS Automotive Ltd managed to book the car repairs in for just a few days time, which was impressive as I usually have to wait at least a week. This ended in confusion with me not turning up on the morning that the car was due to be fixed as I had convinced myself it must be the following week. At about half past ten that morning they called to remind me that it was due in that day and had no qualms about me dropping it in by 11am so that they had time to get the parts in that were needed in order to complete the service and repairs.

At 4pm they called me to inform me of the work that had been carried out, the cost for this work and that my car was ready to be collected. I turned up to collect my car at five minutes to closing time after hopping on the number 9 bus in town at quarter past five, followed by a short walk from Church road in Shoeburyness to Vanguard Way. I was pleased that they had managed to get everything required done in time, not only that, they fixed my sticky handbrake!

There was another issue with my car, it has automatic sliding doors and my drivers door currently has a fault. I looked this up beforehand and read that the door actuator often breaks on this particular model but the part isn’t that expensive. I had a quick chat with the lad who fixed my car and questioned him about the door. He said that he suspected this part had broken and repeated the exact prices I’d seen online for the part. He said if I booked the repair in with them, he’d swap the part out from the other door first to double-check. The whole conversation filled me with confidence that the mechanics were honest and reliable.

After driving my car since the repairs and service have been carried out, it’s like a new vehicle. It hasn’t driven any better in the three years that I’ve owned it! I’ll definitely be returning to RS Automotive Ltd for my future car repairs and servicing and I wanted to share my positive experience with the readers of Love Southend as they really are a hidden gem for garage services in Southend-on-Sea, which I highly recommend!