As music moves forward and the media grows, more and more attention is being placed on ambitious young artists and music lovers. The Southend originated band The Scarletts began their journey in late 2013, with a desire to share their music and to let people know what they were all about. Consisting of four members: Ryan Turner (Vocals/Guitar), Liam Dunne (Guitar/Vocals), Billy Phelps (Bass), Harry Clarke (Drums), The Scarletts have been taking Essex by storm, as well as travelling to other venues across the country by popular demand.

The four friends began writing and performing music together, with their first gigs taking place in Southend’s very own Chinnerys Bar. Just over a year later, The Scarletts have given us endless entertaining performances, a released debut EP consisting of 4 self written songs and even a music video for their popular song ‘Discontent’. Not bad for a years work huh?

In late September 2014, The Scarletts headed to London’s Bush Hall for the biggest gig of their careers so far. They bagged a place supporting Northampton indie-rock band The Moons, who have even had a successful hit with Paul Weller, previous The Jam singer and current popular solo artist. The event was a great success, and gave the band further ambition to push their careers forward and continue to do what they love to do: Make music.

I met up with The Scarletts to ask them a few questions:

LS: So, what inspired you to start a band?
TS: The four of us just like listening to and playing music, so we decided that it would be an enjoyable experience to get together and do just that.

LS: What made you want to call yourselves ‘The Scarletts’?
TS: We had a massive list of names, but ‘The Scarletts’ received the best feedback from our family and friends.

LS: We know you write your own songs. Where do you get the motivation? What inspires the topics?
TS: We don’t think that there are any specific topics that inspire our songs. When we write songs one of us will bring an idea to the table and we will just build upon that. Lyric wise, Ryan isn’t very open about how he writes the words, but we suppose he just takes inspiration from other songs or pieces of text.

LS: What’s the main goal for you guys?
TS: We guess the ultimate goal for any band is to get signed and play at the biggest gigs and festivals around the world, we are no different. But, we also aim to continue improving and most importantly, make sure we are enjoying ourselves at the same time.

LS: What can we expect to see next?
TS: Well we’re going in to the recording studio with James Clarke again in a couple of weeks. As it stands, we aim to have another single out in March, followed by another EP a few months later. We’ll also be looking to do regular gigs throughout the rest of the year!

The Scarletts performed at Chinnerys Southend on Friday 16th Janury 2015 for their first gig of the year, welcomed by a crowd of over 270 people! What a way to kick-start 2015!
You can also catch them live at Edge in Basildon (March 5th) or at The Railway Hotel, Southend on March 28th. Don’t forget to pop down and check these guys out. You certainly won’t regret it.