It’s getting to that time of year when everyone’s competing for the Christmas charts, and we have one of our own with his eyes on the prize! Stan Blade is a Southend native and, armed with an acoustic guitar, he has a lot to say. The local unsigned artist is a uniquely talented musician (he plays all his own instruments!) who’s not afraid to experiment with his sound, both vocally and musically. His often controversial lyrics come from a personal and brutally honest place, tackling hard subjects that most shy away from. Especially during this festive season when it’s easy to hang tinsel on a problem and forget it exists.

Dubbed as an alternative Xmas song, Stan Blade’s latest song #IBlameTheParents isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea this Christmas. Its mildly explicit lyrics and lack of so-called “holiday cheer” doesn’t scream Merry Christmas, but that doesn’t stop Fairytale of New York from being on everyone’s Christmas playlist. #IBlameTheParents is Stan Blade’s first official music video and the only song he’s brought out that been registered for the charts worldwide.

You can pre-order #IBlameTheParents on Amazon

We decided to hold Stan Blade hostage and interrogate him on his new single, before he makes it big. Not that we think he’d ever forget his roots if that were the case….

First of all, do you think you’ve made Santa’s Naughty or Nice List this year?

“Um for this year I think I should’ve made the Nice List hopefully as I always try and be good but don’t always pan out, but I can’t think of nothing major to count against me this year anyways… The year before he gave me some coal and a hand over.”

Nothing wrong with coal. Keeps the fire burning.
You’re a real hybrid of musical genres. How does that come about and how would you describe your style of music?

“Well, I started out age 15 learning guitar and I’d learn, like, classic rock songs and formed a band but the music I was getting to grips with was all like power chords and I was getting bored and wanted to better my guitar ability… so started getting into jazz and classical guitar… I played in a funk band after that and then after I felt happy that I had mastered the guitar I moved onto other instruments. I really do like all types of music as long as it’s good. My mum and dad would always have music playing in the house too so growing up hearing the blues and types like that. I only started singing and playing guitar solo cos I couldn’t find a band. I wrote Southend Hardman years ago. It was really rocky and that paved the way for some other songs but I could never afford studio time and made acoustic versions of the songs, put them on YouTube and they went down well. I’ve always been strong in the fact that I wanna sound different to anyone else and it’s took years to come up with my own sound that I’ve self dubbed as urban folk (live wise).”

You’re known to make pretty loud statements in your song lyrics. What message are you trying to send the world this Christmas with #IBlameTheParents?

“I really like Lily Allen’s song writing when she will sing something sweetly and you’re like, “Wait! Did she really just say that?”. So I think that’s influenced me in some ways… If you got like a loud punk band you wouldn’t be shocked if they said something considered a bit rude or to swear, you would expect it and it’s just better to me when they’re not expecting it… I had an old couple walk out an indoor festival I did when I sang this Xmas song because I said a bad word and I did feel bad but that soon passed… I’m not really trying to get a message out in the song as such, it’s just made up and me being me pick the rudest song in my set list. But the song is basically saying “look, if you wanna stop crime and all the bad things that happen in the world like stabbings and bombings and anything that happens you wish didn’t, then the whole world needs to stop reproducing. It’s the only way… No people, no problem.”

Seems just as good a Christmas message as decking the halls with boughs of holly, etc…

“Haha yeah but the message is well hidden… People think it’s funny but it’s really a rather depressing thought.”

Out of curiosity, what’s the thinking behind the #hashtag song title?

“I had a previous single and every time I would share the link from iTunes or HMV or whatever store it was on it would post the song name, so I thought next time why don’t I hashtag the name then when I share it on Twitter it will automatically post as a hashtag, start trending and we’ll all have turkey this year! Plus it’s a modern twist and I’d like to think I’m still down with the youth!”

Clever… I think you’re onto something. So what’s next on the horizon for Stan Blade?

“Yeah, not just a pretty face! Well, I been asked to play a gig in Canvey at The Haystack on 5th December as I played there before and it went down really well. And the guy who made my video asked me back but the only thing is it’s like a mod ‘n’ northern soul night so I’m a bit nervous that everyone’s gonna be like “what the hell is this” but sure I’ll win them over if I wear my Parker. And my single launch is in London on the 16th. But next I’m at Phoenix FM doing a live chat and live performance 2nd December. And doing interviews. I did two yesterday and two today so it’s been busy.”

I bet you’re getting pretty bored of interviews then, so I’ll wrap it up haha…

“Noo I love talking about myself, it’s like counselling.”

Finish this sentence: “Don’t listen to #IBlameTheParents if you’re….”?

“… A church goer. But there is a radio edit where any rude bits have been drowned out by a toy clown horn so it’s all good :)”

I’m sure then you’ll get the approval of all your church goer fans :)
Any last words before I let you go?

“Um I guess I could say that I’m single and ready to mingle seeing as this is local!”

You heard it here first, boys and girls!
Stan Blade is single and ready to mingle, so drop him a line on his Twitter or Facebook!