No? Ok..

Well for future reference, Memo are a 5 piece Indie Pop/Rock band from our very own Southend!
Things kick-started back in 2013 when the last original band member Ryan Dipper started the band under a different name, with a different style. Over time, things have fallen into place as fate took its course, resulting in Memo re-launching in October 2014 with fresh new faces, a new name and most importantly, a new vibe.

Who’s in Memo?

Luke Spiers – Vocal
Richard Mansworth – Bass
Charlie Garrett – Guitar
Ryan Dipper – Guitar
Jack Maddocks – Drums

Memo play Indie Pop/Rock music, and have been pushing their sound out there as much as they can. Recent gigs they have done include O2 Islington, Proud Camden, Old Queens head and The Finsbury, as well as having played at almost every venue in/around Southend and South East Essex. The band plan to gig a lot this summer, which ties in along nicely with the upcoming release of their new EP ‘0 Cars and Counting’ (which is released on the 7th of August, so don’t forget that!). In reference to their new EP, Ryan (Guitarist in the band) stated: ‘All 4 songs have a very different feel to them so there is definitely something for everybody on the EP. We wanted to make something that kept people on their toes because you hear so many bands nowadays that release an album and the whole thing sounds like one long song, we are really excited to get feedback on it. It will feature 2 songs we have already released and 2 new tracks, one which we have yet to play live.’
If like us you are too excited to wait until the 7th of August to hear what Memo have to offer, they already have 2 tracks out on soundcloud, which you can have a listen to here:

We caught up with Memo to ask them some more questions about the band, and their journey together so far:

LS: What inspired you to start a band?

M: The band started ages ago under a different name and different style, Ryan started it because he had too much free time after getting out of a long term relationship, but it didn’t really go anywhere. It was only when Luke and Jack got introduced, and we changed the style of the band to one that we actually really liked, did we start getting motivation to make music. Unfortunately, the line-up  needed to be changed a bit to fit our ideologies, but now we have 5 members all moving in the same direction and we inspire each other really.

LS: What made you want to call yourselves ‘Memo’?

M: Absolutely nothing. We wanted to call ourselves something new to suit our new style. We had been practicing for months with no name and it meant we couldn’t book any gigs, one day it was pointed out to us that all of our recordings and lyrics were on “Memo’s” and then it just sort of stuck.

LS: Where does the motivation and topics for the songs you write come from?

M: It’s actually rare that we have any motivation for our songs, we just get together and play and then tunes just start flowing. Once we fix on one little riff we like we just expand on it and write the songs that we want to hear. From the response we’ve had to them so far, we know other people want to hear them too, and the fact we have people telling us they like our songs just motivates us to write more. The topics of the lyrics are usually from our singer/ lyricists personal experiences, he writes lyrics all the time and then when we write a song he has a wealth of lyrics already written. This way he can just pick one most suited to the feel of the song…He’s had a lot of experiences somehow.

LS: What’s the main goal for you guys?

M: Well every band wants to be successful, even the bands that say they are just in it for a bit of fun would not turn away Universal records if they were knocking at their door. We have a sound that we know people would like if they gave us a chance, so we just want to share our music with people. Making music for a living seems like an impossible dream, but someone’s got to do it.

LS: What can we expect to see next?

M: We have an EP coming out on August 7th and we are doing an EP release show at The Finsbury in London, we are going to push the EP hard and try and get some recognition for the hard work we put in. We are going to be booking up gigs in the local area and hopefully some nationally. But for now it’s just get the EP out and get people to listen to it and then see where the wind takes us.