Love Southend’s favourite pick of Instagrams this month in no particular order:


Happidrome needs help! #southend #flooding #Happidrome #rain #storm #weather #arcade #help #thunder

Yet again, Happidrome have suffered due to the extreme flood in Southend last month, that affected homes and businesses across Southend-on-Sea. Happidrome doesn’t look like it’s going to be open again for a while but, on a positive note, the disaster proved that Southend’s local community are good at banding together during troubled times to help each other out! You can read more about the flood here.


Stroll on the beach #southend #beach

Beautiful shot of a sunset at Southend Seaside, with views of Southend Pier. The seafront is perfect for those calming evening strolls, as this couple already knows, sitting down for a romantic evening cuddle watching the sunset. Awww….. :)


Mornings are getting darker!

Magnificent photograph of what is apparently the fishing lake at the end of Aviation Way in Southend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it look so gorgeous. Beautifully rich colours in both the sky and the sky’s reflection in the lake. Astounding really. Truly something to wake up early for!


Watching Thor: The Dark World when I find Dr. Erik Selvig draws a Great Mark at Southend-On-Sea. #home

This is amazing. So amazing, I actually had to look it up. So the most likely explanation for why they decided to feature Southend-on-Sea in such a way in the Thor: The Dark World movie is…. Warren Ellis lives in Southend. Warren Ellis has written for both Thor and the Excalibur titles and this may be a kind of… subtle joke, as to why Southend is significant enough to warrant an ancient and symbolic marker on par with Stonehenge. Teehee.


What a lovely #sunset #wedding #southend in sea

Southend seaside is a beautiful location for wedding photos. And you can even get married on Southend Pier now! Check out these cool ideas for seaside weddings; I love them. Sunset weddings on the seaside are so romantic :) Congratulations to the bride and groom in the photograph! They both look stunning.


..who couldn’t resist stopping to buy the best icecream in the world from this cute Ice cream van

Cutest ice cream van in the world. Who doesn’t love a freshly whipped Rossi at the seaside! Even the polar bear sitting on top of the van is enjoying his ice cream, and I wouldn’t have even thought that polar bears liked ice cream!


All that rain! We’re not going anywhere. #southend #rain #rainrainrain

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Back Another Day! Ridiculous amount of rain last month that flooded businesses everywhere. Did you SEE the inside of the Happidrome at the top of the page? Wading around in over a foot of water does not look fun…. You could literally paddle in the water by the looks of this photo.


Yesterday #parkour #followforfollow #freerunning #likeforlike #lfl #southend #warrior #hanstand #bus #in #the #background

Amazing display of balancing skills demonstrated by our talented local parkour artists (parkourists?) at Warrior Square, as a bus drives past in the background. Beautiful.




Beautiful evening

The sky looks fantastic in this photo. The trees in the background beautifully silhouetted against the hazy sunset sky. The Pier lift makes for an interesting looking structure from this angle. And I just love the lights and shadows from the street lamp. Brilliant.


Hang out with #spiderman. Wednesday 1 October from 3pm #southend High Street. Fun for all the family as part of #universityofessex #southendcampus #befriendsouthend #welcomeweek #freshers events.

Haha I love this contrast of Spiderman staring up at disbelief at someone else scaling the buildings of Southend for a change! Lovely to see this kind of random entertainment on Southend High Street. Spiderman will be hanging out on Southend High Street today from 3pm (1st October 2014) to welcome University of Essex’s newbies to Southend-on-Sea!


And our favourite photo of the month from Love Southend’s Instagram!

To celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day on 19th September 2014 (yes, it’s a real thing), check out this photo of Sea Life Adventure‘s Pirate aquarium of marine fish. I love the Jolly Rogers flag detail in the background, the skull, the sunken treasure and the ship’s wheel obviously stolen from the helm of a pirate ship! And the creepy blue and green glow finishes off the pirate theme nicely.

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