Love Southend’s favourite pick of Instagrams this month in no particular order:


It’s all happening outside our window… #leighonsea #leighfolkfestival #buskersquare

It was the Leigh Folk Festival last week, so how could I not have an Instagram pic of the festival in this month’s Top 10. I thought this one of Busker’s Square was perfect!


Our yarnbomb for #southendfestival a long time in the making but doesn’t it look amazing #beachtheme #southend #yarnbomb #fortheloveofyarn

The Craft Club struck again! This time with a surprise seaside-themed yarnbombing outside Chalkwell Station. I love the seagull – I think he’s fantastic. You can read more about The Craft Club and their yarnbombing world record attempt for Little Havens!


Casually having a #lightsaber battle with #darthvader. Bitchez be hatin’…#starwars #southend #lol #saturday

Darth Vader enjoyed the sunshine on Southend high street this morning. Walked past him a few times myself… Didn’t personally have the courage to take him on as bravely as Megan has here! He’s not the only person from Star Wars we’ve seen in Southend before… Remember Yoda on Southend seafront?


Shared space, Southend, Essex.

This pic comes directly from the Instagram of the artist behind it, Laura Keeble herself. I love what she’s done with The Return statue on Southend Victoria Gateway’s “shared space”, representing the space far more accurately with her addition of the skateboard. Genius.

Read more about why the statue now has a skateboard and Laura’s guerrilla art history in Southend here!


#fishingboat #lowtide #oldleigh #southend #essex

I thought this photo of a fishing boat in Old Leigh during low tide was beautiful. And especially after the Leigh Folk Festival, it just feels even more fitting that this photo makes it into this month’s Top 10. I almost think that in this photo the boat looks like it should be a toy model. Amazing picture :)


25 pounder gun at Armed forces parade, Southend high street. #southend

As well as the Leigh Folk Festival, the weekend also saw the Armed Forces Day around Southend. Strange to see military stuff juxtaposed with the high street shops and scenery like this.


#sup #supgirl #suplove #supboard #southend #southendonsea #estuary #redpaddleco #starboard #standuppaddle #standuppaddleboarder #paddle #paddleboard #paddlesurfer #paddleboarder #mermaid #me #mermaid #fitness #fit #love #happy #sport #watersports

Doesn’t this photo make you feel all Summer-y inside? I can almost feel the sun’s warmth on my skin, as I imagine gently floating along Southend seafront on a paddle board, with the water to my left and beach huts to my right. Beautiful…


Jacques Cousteau in the making, shot with the Voigtlander 21mm + A7 @ #southend #seafront #yoursouthend #blackandwhite #preciousmoments #son #seafront #silhouette

Brilliant photo that really captures childhood memories of Southend seafront well. Love this one.


(The guy at the front of the shot 2328 – that’s me) Before I set off I said “Please god let me get through this” Overall, the 13.1 miles was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, especially in that heat. The pure will to finish took me across the finishing line #halfmarathon #running #charity #marathon #southend #havens

And, of course, it was the Southend half marathon last month too! Well done to everyone who took part. You all did a fantastic job, and all for a good cause.


#southend #helterskelter #funfair #seaside

Feels wrong not to have the obligatory photo of Adventure Island somewhere in the Top 10, and I thought this one was awesome. The photo makes the helter skelter look so small and, like the boat back in Instagram #5, almost toy model like. I remember that thing being huge, something to conquer, when I was little. Was it always that small?


And our favourite photo of the month from Love Southend’s Instagram!

Not particularly exciting, but this is our photo of the Deputy Dawg and sweet potato fries at the brand new NY Hot Dogs on Southend seafront! The food is both affordable and delicious and I would recommend it to anyone who fancies a gourmet New York style hot dog next time you’re on Southend seafront.

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