Love Southend’s favourite pick of Instagrams this month in no particular order:


An exquisite shot from Southend beach! I’m proud of this #sunset #beach #southend #reflection

Beautiful sunset on Southend seafront. Can’t go wrong with a Southend seaside sunset…


Literally nowhere to even sit today….lucky we were playing crazy golf! #southend #seaside

Southend seaside does get super hectic in the Summer. Everybody’s so desperate to get their tan on in the sun, grabbing whatever chance they can get to get themselves down to the seafront. What I’d give to be there right now….


Money Shot!!!! #southend #storm #lightning #amazing #incredible

Beautiful photo of the lightning storm in Southend a couple weeks ago. This incredibly timed photograph even made it into the BBC News pictorial of the storms. Check out some of the other photos from our electrifying collection of lightning storm photos in Southend!


Yes. #scroobiuspip #danlesac #villagegreen #southend #essex #sun #summer #hiphop #rap #spoken word

Village Green was awesome this year! Naturally. Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac were amazing to watch live. And who knew that Scroobius Pip used to be a Chalkwell local? Going to school like five minutes away from Chalkwell Park where the Village Green festival was held? Not me, that’s for sure! And I love Scroobius Pip!


Chef broke his fast by toking on an Irn Bru Shisha go follow him at @sheikhzeshan

Extremely vibrant photo from Southend’s new Seafront Shisha bar with the balcony overlooking the seaside and palm trees. Magical. The chef is breaking his fast with an Irn Bru Shisha, very interesting choice. And those three cars parked out front. Beautiful.


Southend water fountain @lexiboo87 #southend #seafront #summer #fun

If this doesn’t force you to reminisce over your childhood Summers, I don’t know what will. Running around, getting soaked on Southend seafront, playing with a bucket. True, the fountains may not have been there back then, but even still… The Happidrome’s in the background, and so’s the chippy!


Another sample shot from our summer shoot with @shopvintage #rossis #rossisicecream #icecream #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #retrofashion #lookbook #joeandcharlotte #southend #southendonsea

Everybody’s obsessed with the vintage style and fashion these days. Nicola recently blogged about Southend’s obsession with vintage, and old vintage photographs of Southend-on-Sea have been circulating around on the internet. We’re not sure what it is, but this vintage style photo shoot at Rossi’s Ice Cream is beautiful.


Late at night on an abandoned building opposite my place someone has been installing #paintings in the past week of #British #gangsters from #movies and now they’ve added #TheKrays I’m looking forward to seeing what gets added over the next few days #BobHoskins #StreetArt #Southend #Essex #SouthchurchAvenue

John Bulley, creative director of the Estuary Fringe Festival, recently made the papers for his pop-up gangster art gallery on Southchurch Avenue. He was quoted as saying: “The first time I went there with a friend we put on high-viz jackets and hard hats to hide in plain sight and no one took any notice of us. No one batted an eyelid.”




Chalkwell Park Village Green Music Festival

An amazing perspective of the huge crowds that gathered in Chalkwell Park for the Village Green music festival. Really was an incredible day.


#southendonsea #queenvictoria #thingsyousee #aroundtown

I think this photo is hilarious. Queen Victoria’s been pointing at Southend seaside since 1897. And it turns out she’s just been trying to tell us that she wants to go for a swim! This inflatable rubber ring around her neck was the last clue…


And our favourite photo of the month from Love Southend’s Instagram!

I know it’s another photo from Village Green… But the display of crocheted items for the Craft Club’s crochet world record attempt for Little Havens was simply amazing. I’ve seen all of the photos on Facebook and Twitter, but seeing them all in real life was brilliant :D

So if you know how to crochet, please help them out with whatever you can! What they’re doing is just amazing.

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