If you’re like me (and everyone else I’ve asked while trying to compile this list) you’ve often said to yourself or your friends, “Oh yeah, totally! I’m totally gonna just do that one day”. We know we won’t. But it’s fun to imagine. So I put this to some peeps:

If you were invincible, there was no risk of public humiliation or being arrested by Southend police, and money wasn’t an issue….

what would YOU do in Southend?


1) Jump off the end of the pier.

Cat jumping fail

2) Jump off the end of the pier naked.

3) Cross over to Kent in a rubber dinghy.

Cat sailing a boat

4) Run through the Crooked House at Adventure Island totally wasted.

Cats running slippery floor

5) Take kite surfing lessons.

Cat surfing

6) Organise an illegal rave at the Old Empire Theatre.

Cat raving

7) Give Penny Picker Steve a £50 note – just to see what he’d do with it.

Cat Stealing Money

8) Slide down Hadleigh Castle hill on a sled.

Cat slide

9) Push your friend into the pond at Southchurch Park.

Cat pushes kid in pool

10) Be in a Southend music video.

Cat band

11) Free run and climb along the rooftops on Southend high street, Mirror’s Edge parkour style.

Parkour Cat

12) Skinny dip in the sea.

Sphynx Cat Bathing

13) Ride a rollercoaster naked at Adventure Island.

Cat Rollercoaster

14) Run down the high street naked.

15) In fact, just do everything on the TripAdvisor’s list of things to do in Southend butt naked.

Hairless Sphynx Cats

16) Throw a huge Full Moon Party on Southend beach in the hot Summer.

Cat dancing


So question is….

Have you ever done anything on this list?

Is there anything else that you would totally do in Southend… but won’t?

Leave a comment below and it’ll get added to our list!