So this weekend was a busy one in Southend and Leigh, numerous vintage events… and of course Leigh Folk Festival in my hometown of Leigh-on-Sea.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hang out and listen to all the cool bands that played at various places throughout Leigh over the 4 days, but I did get to visit the opening night at Squeeze.

Squeeze at Leigh Folk Festival 2014

After a yummy dinner washed down with a delicious cherry beer, me and my sister (had to drag a friend with me hehe) ventured upstairs to listen to the Funky tunes being played.

Both Greanvine and Lost Harbours played some beautifully serene music, Greanvine sounded almost ethereal which after a long day at work, was a brilliant start to the evening as a way to unwind and truly enjoy the evening. The 2nd act was Lost Harbours, who I believe have toured the Netherlands, or so my sisters better half informs me (think he knows one of the duo). After that small bit of what could be incorrect trivia, they where also very ethereal in their sound, whether that was the intention I don’t know, as I think they experiment with a variety of sounds but Squeeze was quite literally a squeeze so the first 2 acts were listened to through the upstairs patio doors.

For the final act though we managed to squeeze into the outdoor space, which was a bonus as the final act was The Famous Potatoes. Now my dad had mentioned previously that they were good, and by the squeeze in Squeeze they appear to have quite a following. They were more upbeat then the previous 2 acts with their sea shanties and folksy mix of songs, and they were brilliant. I really enjoyed listening to them, even done some toe tapping whilst enjoying the music. I would have liked to partake in a little jig but there was definitely no space. Such a shame, I feel the festival goers missed out that night.

Famous Potatoes Leigh Folk

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The venue was cool and did delicious fruit beer and food, and the music was brilliant, so much so I would happily go see all 3 acts again. Which considering my current taste in music pretty much only spans 2 decades, 70-80’s, it’s quite impressive.

I will definitely be going to Leigh Folk Festival again next year and hopefully I will get to enjoy even more of it.