Wedding Bells are ringing!

So the wedding season is upon us, I can almost hear the bells and see the confetti. As well as seeing the sparkle from the beautiful engagement rings that a fair few of my very good friends are currently sporting. One fashion trend I have yet to catch up with, however I LOVE weddings and am very lucky to be helping to organise one.

With wedding bells on my mind and being by the sea, I thought I would share some of my favourite seaside inspired wedding ideas from the ultimate Pinterest. I have a small obsession with Pinterest so this has been incredibly hard to pick my favs, so I’m limiting myself to 5! I have also given myself a criteria to follow, as the wedding I’m organising is currently on a shoestring budget, I thought it would be best to stick to ideas that could be recreated by us average Joe’s.

So here we go. Let the countdown begin!

Number 5: The Shell Shelf

Shell Shelf

I love this idea, its not clear in the photo what the little labels say behind the starfishes, but I like to think they’re little messages to the wedding guests. This would make an amazing alternative for wedding favours as in, rather than popping them on the table, you can arrange a selection of shells from your local beach with a little Thank You message. You could even hand pick different shells etc for each guest making it more personal, as the guests enter they can go find their message and shell. Very romantic.

It also looks pretty darn cool, and with a bit of imagination I reckon it could be rustled up for next to nothing!

Number 4: Seaside Peep-Through Board

Seaside Peep Through Board

Okay, so I think this is what they are called, but you will all recognise them. Those boards with the funny picture painted on the front and a little hole for people’s faces. LOVE it, such a quirky but subtle touch to a wedding and very seaside promenade, plus as photo albums go, although all the professional photos are very pretty, I really like the idea of having a funny section with funny photos of the wedding guests and this would definitely help with those kinds of photos. I also have this idea pinned to my imaginary wedding mood board which is just waiting to be whipped out!

Only thing is that you may need someone handy with some ply board and a paint brush to rustle these beauties up.

Number 3: Seaside Chair Decoration

Seaside shells chairs

So this is such a cute touch to what could be a boring chair. I have a personal hatred towards seat covers; I literally hate them with a passion. So this idea is perfect for people like me who have a disliking for the annoying seat covers and standard bow. Plus it’s something that will look effective whether the wedding is inside or for those lucky enough to have a wedding on a beautifully sandy beach.

Not only do they make me feel happy, they would be incredibly easy to put together AND they would be cheap which when it comes to weddings is a bonus and not a word you would normally hear. I also love the fact that each chair could have a slightly different take on this idea, plus you can totally personalise it to your own colour scheme and favoured material such as string/ribbon with the shells being the main focus.


Number 2: Sandcastle Centrepieces

Sandcastle beach wedding centrepiece

These are soooooooooo cute and would look amazing on all the tables. The blog I sourced the photo from suggests putting them on a children’s table, but I see no reason why they couldn’t be put on adult tables. In fact I would implore anyone thinking of having a seaside-themed wedding to use sandcastles. Every adult in the room will instantly be transported back to their childhood and the fun of making sandcastles, and what are weddings for if you can’t bring some nostalgia to everyone on the day.

Not only do they look really cool, they would be simple to make from just some local sand, although some people may look at you weirdly as you take buckets of sand away from the beach. I’m going to assume some glue’s mixed in with the sand. And voila! A sandcastle! (Hopefully one that doesn’t collapse.) Plus if all else fails you could always use the bucket as a wine holder!!!

Number 1: Shell Lights

Shell Fairy Lights

This literally will light up the room; these are unbelievably cute and can be used indoors, outdoors or around the tables in a vase as a center piece. The reason I love these sooooooo much is because if you live by the sea but don’t want your theme to be totally seaside, this little string of glowing shells could be worked into anything. For example, they could be use to bring a lovely glow hanging in trees or lining the path up to the venue or around the dance floor or even hanging off beams along with bunting.

Another thing is that these can most definitely be rustled up by anyone. You just need some fairy lights of any quality, maybe a small beach worth of cockle shells and some strong glue. And if you’re lucky to live around Southend seaside the cockle shells are easily found. Whoop!

Sea Shell Wedding Candles

Okay, so I couldn’t quite keep to the 5 as there’s a bonus one, but technically it’s an extension to the shell candle tutorial. Brilliant idea for centre pieces. Just add some metallic painted shells and voila… Beautiful!

I have so many other ideas I would love to share but first I have to take a sneaky peek at the Vintage Wedding Fair in Leigh on Sunday. Eeeek! Two of my favourite things combined, so watch this space.

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