So after spending an enjoyable few nights making pinwheels, and to follow in my previous blog about whirligigs, I thought to make sure we all embrace the whirligigs I would provide a simple tutorial.

Now although simple I did spend a few hours trawling the internet for the best tutorial, until I finally stumbled upon one that enticed me with its shabby chic design. However after semi-following the tutorial, combined with my own experience, I think I have managed to collate a pretty simple tutorial!

How to make your very own Pinwheel:

Firstly you will need to gather all children, great and small, and obtain the following Materials:

  • Paper or Card
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Push
  • Dowel (any length) or pencil with an eraser (ingenious idea)

Step One:

 Cut a 6 inch square from the paper/card (with adult supervision)

Step Two:

Mark diagonally, corner to corner on one side of your square, ending up with a cross.

Step Three:

Cut halfway along the 4 diagonal lines.

Step Four:

Gather the 4 corners to the centre, I found that gluing each corner one by one was the best; far easier than trying to hold them all down.

Step Five:

Push the pin into the centre.

Step Six:

Push the pin into the eraser end of the pencil, but not too tightly as this will stop the pinwheel from moving. Depending on the length of the pin you can put a button or teeny weeny bead inbetween the eraser and the pinwheel. If using dowel push the pin into the dowel with a tiny bit of glue on the end to hold it in place.

And Voila!

One easy peasy freely whirling pinwheel, and if you use the pencil it doubles up as a working pencil.


Whirligig Pinwheel

I used an old Mickey Mouse book I had, and decided to use artistic licence by adding little flags with snippets of the story. This also detracted from the fact my pinwheels didn’t move freely, in fact it would need a gale force wind to move these beauties, oopsy!