It’s a Crabby Easter in Southend!

So with the Bank Holiday just around the corner and with the hope of sunshine, it’s time to think of some fun things to pass the time while enjoying the sun!

This Sunday while I was having a relaxing stroll down Old Leigh I noticed buckets of water scattered along the walls and pavement, with small gatherings of children throwing bits of string in the water hoping to grab some crabs… So what better way to spend a sunny bank holiday than crabbing.


For those like me who actually haven’t ever been crabbing, here’s some tips on how to keep the crabs happy and the children and adults alike:

Step One:

    • Fill a small bucket with sea water; add a few stones or shells and seaweed if possible. This is to make sure the crabs you catch are all cosy and at home while you find them more friends.

Step Two:

    • Crabs love raw meat, like bacon. All you need to do is tie some string around a piece of bacon and tie a stone to weigh the string down, unless you have a snazzy crabbing wire such as myself, which I must confess has never been used but it will this weekend.

Step Three:

    • You then need to slowly lower the string into the water, the weight helps the string go down to the seabed where the crabs like hanging out.

Step Four:

    • Now its time to wait, until the crabs begin nipping at the wire, I can only assume you will feel a small tug on your wire indicating you have a crab! Whoop!

Step Five:

    • Pull the wire up slowly so the crab doesn’t fall off until you can hold the crab or, if you have a net, are able to catch the crab… Remember crabs have pincers instead of hands, and they like nipping at hands so hold them behind the pincers. The crabs may need a little persuading to let go of the bacon. Once they have, put them in the bucket and try not to leave them in the sun, they need shade to be happy!

Step Six:

    • Remember happy crabs mean no nippy crabs.

Step Seven:

    • One crab ‘landed’ means it time to find them some friends.Let's Go Crabbing

Don’t forget at the end of the crabbing day to release your crab friends. Make sure you release them close to the water’s edge so they can scurry back into the sea safely. DON’T release them from a high ledge as they won’t thank you for it and it’s just mean.

While crabbing we should respect the crabs’ feelings. If the crabs you have ‘landed’ look unhappy then put them back straight away and don’t overcrowd the bucket – this will make your crabs very unhappy!

With that in mind, it leaves only one thing to do, go crabbing!

Happy Crabby Easter, everyone!!!

Be sure to share your photos, as will I.