1) All year round access to classic seaside souvenir foods like Rock, Honeycomb and Candyflossseaside-food-collage

We know how much the midlands must crave these seaside specials…

2) Crabbing is always an interesting experience…crabbing


We’re not too sure on those claws though. (Read our Kid’s Guide to Crabbing!)

3) From all that sand availability, you’re bound to have your Sandcastle building skills on pointsand-castle


Obviously not forgetting the moat!

4) And consequently, a large stack of buckets and spades where you always forget to pick your ones up as you leave the housebucket-and-spade


“But they’re only cheap down the seafront anyway, there’s no point going back to get them now!”

5) You’ve always got the back-up life plan of opening a Seaside knick-knack shopknick-knack


In fact you could probably gather most of the stock from the contents of your own house…

6) You will have owned, or have really wanted one of these scented balls as a kid scented-beach-balls


They just smell so nice!

7) You’re never too far away from Ice creamice-cream-cone


Ice cream all year round? We wouldn’t say no…

8) … Or Hot doughnuts in the winterdoughnut


These aren’t just any ordinary doughnuts…

9) Who needs a paddling pool when you have the sea?seaside


It’s okay, we’re used to the cold…

10) It’s easier to explain to other people around the country where you liveuk-map


“Yeah I live about a 10 minute walk from the beach.”

11) You get to attend all the ‘tourist aimed’ events… without being a touristpunch-and-judy


And there’s always loads of Southend events, and seaside activities to do. We go further than just watching soap operas on TV…

12) There’s always somewhere to spend the few sunny days that Britain actually hasbeach


But we still could do with a lot more of them.

13) And if you’re lucky, you might be able to fight for a beach sun lounger!sun-lounger


But you might want to lay a towel down on it first…

14) Someone in your family has owned a pair of these sea-shoes



You never know whats hiding in the seaweed…

15) Spending hours (and a lot of money) winning tickets at Seaside arcadesarcade-tickets



Which you can then use to claim a 20p sweet and a 50p plastic ruler.

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