So we’re currently reviewing submissions to our Southend photography competition at the moment and, much to our delight, received this email from Claire Arkwright – a teacher at Lancaster School in Southend:

I am writing to you from Lancaster School, a local special needs school for students with severe special needs aged between 14-19 yrs.

My photography class were inspired by your website and your plea for photos and so we have spent the last two weeks out in Southend taking photos, and then the students have been independently editing their photos to fit your brief.

Well, we thought this was absolutely fantastic to see a local school getting involved with what we believe has turned out to be quite a fun little community project! It’s so fantastic in fact that we thought we would showcase the wonderful photos of Southend by Lancaster School’s photography class separately as a sneak preview before we publish all of the photos submitted to us for the competition!

Individual students cannot be named, but of course you can leave all praise in the comments section below the photos :)


Adventure Island by Lancaster School

Brilliant shot of Adventure Island with Southend Pier in the background

Southend Water Fountains by Lancaster School

Southend Water Fountains by Lancaster School

A couple photos of the fountains on Southend seafront

Southend Pier by Lancaster School

A dreamy perspective of Southend Pier, that really illustrates the length of the longest pleasure pier in the world

Southend Pier by Lancaster School

The Royal Pavilion on Southend Pier head looks absolutely tiny in this photograph!

Southend Seafront by Lancaster School

The water looks freezing in this photo of Southend seafront! Wouldn’t mind a paddle though!

Southend Seafront by Lancaster School

I really love the colours and shapes in the sky in this one. Very calming…

Prittlewell Priory Bandstand by Lancaster School

Great photo of the bandstand at Prittlewell Priory. Very colourful!

Priory Park Blossom Tree by Lancaster School

What a beautifully tranquil photograph of the tree blossom in Priory Park

Park Inn Palace by Lancaster School

Great angle looking up at the Park Inn Palace on Southend seafront

Adventure Island by Lancaster School

Fantastic perspective of the Kiddi-Koasta rollercoaster at Adventure island. Exciting shapes silhouetting the sky!

Adventure Island by Lancaster School

Stunning use of colour in this photo of Adventure Island. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Adventure Island look so colourful!

Well done to all of the talented students who participated in photographing Southend-on-Sea!
Please check out Lancaster School’s website for more information on the school and what they get up to!
It looks like an amazingly inspiring learning environment :)


It’s been amazing to see the response to the photography competition, especially when we don’t have much of a big prize to reward the winners next week – only some free promotion for them or their business and featured spots on our Things To Do in Southend pages (which are currently undergoing a bit of a restructure) linking to the photographer’s website or social media. We’ve loved seeing the photos submitted to us so far by professional photographers, hobbyists and smartphone photographers alike!

Deadline is midnight end of March, so you’ve only got until Tuesday to get your photos submitted to us! Don’t forget that we are only accepting photos 1140 x 335 pixels in size, so that they fit our webpage template! You can contact us, or read the details here for more information on entering. Good luck, everybody!