As it draws nearer and nearer to Christmas, there still seems as though there’s something missing. It’s certainly not the mouth-watering smells of the street food vendors on the High Street. And we’re certainly not at a loss for Southend Christmas events! So what is it…? Snow! Can hardly have a festive Christmas-on-Sea without a bit of Winter Wonderland magic, can we now! (Well, at least for the first couple of days before the snow turns into sludge and the ice starts becoming a bit of a safety hazard….) But we haven’t had a good snow day in Southend for a couple of years now, have we? I think it’s time we had a bit of snow sprinkled all over Southend again!


Prittlewell Priory and Park in Snow

I love these photos from Mark Keyes from a couple of years ago. Very dramatic black and white photograph of it snowing over St Mary’s Church in Prittlewell. It’s kind of creepy, but I love it! And his other photos from Prittlewell Priory Park are beautiful. Everything looks so peaceful.

Southend Snow Man and Snow Octopus on Beach

It wouldn’t be a snowy Southend seafront without a couple of fun snow sculptures. I’m loving Sarah Surrey’s snow octopus from 2013; it’s hilarious. And the worker snowman sent in to BBC by Peter Maloney back in 2010 is genius! It was during the City Beach development when the snow prevented the workers from working, so the snowman’s costume seems rather perfect.

Southend Seaside in Snow

These photos of snow in Southend in 2010 by Paul Hughes are magical. I love the contrast of Southend seafront’s palm trees covered in snow, and the fountain at Prittlewell Square looks amazing with the water all frozen over and dripping icicles. Beautiful.

Southend Beach Huts Covered in Snow

Stunning photograph of Southend’s beach hut covered in snow by Martin Sherlock back in January 2013. But Southend’s beach huts just look so picturesque in any situation really.

Snow Digger on Southend Seafront

Anthony Hurst has an entire Snow Southend-on-Sea album from 2013, and his photography is amazing. Brilliant effects on his photos. Queen Victoria appears on Southend’s Western Esplanade as a Snow Queen, meanwhile a snow digger is helping to clear out some of the roads on the seafront and the Kursaal looks gorgeous with a light dusting of snow.
Southend Adventure Island in Snow

The above photos of Adventure Island, Eastern Esplanade and Pier Hill were taken by Nick from Sarfend Forum, and the sun shining through the cloud over Adventure Island looks absolutely glorious. Great photographs.

Southchurch Hall and Southchurch Park in Snow

More photos from Paul Hughes in 2010. This time of Southchurch Hall. The pond in Southchurch Park is frozen over – but I still daren’t walk over it! I feel freezing cold just thinking about it!

Old Leigh Aerial View of Snow

And last but not least, a spectacular aerial shot of Old Leigh by Edward Clack. The white slopes are Belton Hills, and I can only imagine how fun it must be to ride a sled down to the bottom of the hill.



Got some awesome photos of snow in Southend? Can be as recent or as old as you like! We’d love to see them, so send them our way and we can add them to this article!