You guys seem to love your old photos of Southend-on-Sea, so I thought you’d be interested in some old videos of Southend-on-Sea. There’s quite a lot of old footage out there, but I’ve collected a few of which I reckon to be the best. With some vintage black and white videos of Southend all the way to more current videos of Southend from the 90s. And the last video posted here is guaranteed to be a real delight for those of you who were a teenager back in 1980….

Then and Now Southend: Part 1 & 2

An amazing look at how Southend has changed over the years, with old black and white footage of Southend seaside and Southend Pier. Includes old paintings and artwork that depict how Southend used to look, back when there were horses and carts going along the seafront! Also a great vintage promotional video of Southend Pier, followed by an informational video, in colour. Even comparing the differences between Southend Pier in the first part and the second; astounding. Ship ahoy!

Old Videos of Southend in the Mid Sixties

You can see how Adventure Island looked in the 60s, as well as the airport, the seafront and even Southend’s road structure. There’s even video footage of an outdoor beauty pageant so you can see Southend keeping up with the 60s fashion trends. Southend-on-Sea used to be a thriving seaside tourist destination! How many of you can remember Southend being like this? And isn’t it amazing how some of these places have barely changed? Whilst others now don’t look anything like how they used to. Beautiful views of the Pier Hill Gardens here too. I do wish that these areas would be more widely used in the Summer for picnics; it’s gorgeous!

One Hour Long Vintage Video of Southend: Southend Memories

An hour long documentary-style video of Southend-on-Sea. If you’re looking for a Southend documentary, this is a great one. With lots of vintage photos and vintage videos of Southend, as well as the historical stories behind them. Definitely worth checking out if you have an hour to spare and are interested in the history of Southend.

Old Videos of Southend Kursaal / Southend United in the 1950s

A short 9 minute long documentary-style video looking back at Southend Kursaal, and how amazing it used to be in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as Southend United football team. Simply amazing, nostalgic videos of Southend Kursaal and Southend United, reflected upon and analysed by historians. Some lovely interviews with Southend folk who share their stories about Southend Kursaal and Southend United.

Video of Snow in Southend-on-Sea in 1991

Some brilliant views of around Southend when it was snowing in February 1991. You can see The Pier, Peter Pans, Royal Hotel, Palace Hotel, The Royals and some of the High Street. Also, don’t forget to check out our more recent photos of snow in Southend!

Something Else – Southend 1980

Hilarious episode of Something Else – Southend edition from 1980 that aired on BBC2, created by young people for young people (suddenly getting a Young Ones deja vu moment….). Interviewing local Southend businesses about their opinions on Southend-on-Sea’s image, and asking others what comes to mind when they think of Southend, and even taking a look at the glue-sniffing craze that took over Southend’s teens. Amazing video! For anyone that was a youngster back in 1980, this will bring you back…. Also featuring Dexy’s Midnight Runners performing!