So a couple of weeks ago, I had a small whirligigs marathon where I made about 20 of them… Admittedly they didn’t work very well but they looked cool.

I have also started looking at centre pieces for my friends wedding, some of which are seaside orientated… which got me thinking! What happened to whirligigs????

Okay. So technically ‘windmills/pinwheels’ aren’t whirligigs but they were their predecessor and sound better, so I am proposing we bring back the word whirligig for all things whirly….

Anyhow I digress. While making them it got me wondering why they had disappeared almost from our seasides, during the summer months I hardly see children running down the beach with one in their hand watching it whizz round in the wind. When once upon a time and when I was a kid, I, my siblings and friends loved them – especially the jazzy ones that had more than one windmill.

Now could it be the vast amount of technical objects/toys that children nowadays are interested in? Or is it because we adults have forgotten how much fun they were? Or could it really be that the stalls down the seafront don’t sell them…? These I propose have nothing to do with the stalls as I distinctly remember seeing a bucket packed with whirligigs. So that can only mean one thing! We are wrapped up in the technical and modern gadgets we can use at the seaside, that we have forgotten the joy of seeing the wheels spin round, and in some respects the simple beauty of a toy that brought joy to many children for decades. I must also add we have the Victorians to thank for this simple yet fun toy.

So I’m suggesting that we bring back the love for whirligigs (pinwheels) and encourage all the children and adults we know to buy or, better still, make at least one whirligig this summer and fall back in love with the simple things in life.

Let’s bring back the joy and laughter which once filled seaside towns all over the UK, by enjoying the simple pleasures and ignoring the technical age we live in.

Make your own pinwheel/whirligig for Summer!

Seaside toys stall
Image above from our Love Southend Instagram!