Relocation Relocation Relocation

So after a fabulous week away with a silly early morning flight you would think my first thought would be “wheres my bed?”. But no, I went straight back to work, had an aqua jog session and then went to the opening of the new Beecroft. Plus I’m such nosy wotsit that no amount of sleep deprivation would have stopped me from going. I did come to realise though as much as it was a worthwhile evening, I’m not a ‘packed day’ kinda girl unless it involves no work and includes a cat nap.

For those who don’t know, the Beecroft is one of Southend’s Art galleries, which used to be located in an Edwardian building in Westcliff-on-Sea but has now been relocated to Central Southend and now takes up the old Library building along Victoria Avenue.

Beecroft Art Gallery

The move has been greatly anticipated and I must admit it’s a fabulous space to exhibit its vast collection and to showcase various artists work both locally and further afield. Somehow my Dad has even managed to arrange an exhibition in the newly welcomed artistic space. Unfortunately I seemed to have forgotten the dates so can’t possibly plug his work any further, but I would be a terrible daughter if I didn’t encourage you all to keep checking the exhibitions and check out his work.

It would however be even worse if I didn’t try and encourage all of you to check out at least one exhibition, even if it’s a simple 5 minute nose about. Particularly as at the moment they have an excellent exhibit on vintage swimwear, which is brilliant, aptly named Beauty and the Beach.

We all know I love vintage so this was perfect and really interesting to look at how swim wear for women has developed over the past 40 years or as you will see may not have. And it’s all thanks to one woman who has over 500 costumes spanning decades that have been kindly donated. Not all 500 are on show – just a minuscule selection, but it’s a mightily good selection. I can only imagine what the full collection looks like.


It would also be unfair of me not to mention the fine art collection with plenty of space, allowing you to fully enjoy each piece. Then there’s the Latin American collection in place of the old library’s children’s books. I actually really enjoyed some of the pieces in this collection so would definitely recommend perusing this exhibit. Actually I would encourage you to peruse all the current exhibits including New Potato Eaters by Martin Huxter.

I felt quite comfortable and relaxed while roaming around and mingling with people from all walks of life including the mayor; that I happened to be standing next to just before he officially opened the Beecroft (queue people’s beady eyes all on the mayor in my direction and an awkward step back. Phew!). This isn’t always the case in some Art Galleries I have been to, which is a plus in my books, as well it being free and easily accessible by everyone.


You can find out what’s on at