1) Most naked people on a rollercoaster at the same time

In 2010, 102 people rode the Green Scream at Adventure Island butt naked, raising over £22000 for Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Bosom Pals Appeal.

Source: Daily Mail


2)  Longest line of bunting

Why this is a thing, I cannot tell you. What I can tell you is that on 27th October 2009, the longest bunting line in the world was hung up around Chalkwell Park. This line of bunting was as long as the Southend Pier itself (1.33 miles), and required 9000 flags handmade by schools and other members of the community following strict “bunting guidelines”.

Source: Metal Culture


3) Largest serving of chips

Weighing in at 448kg, Adventure Island’s portion of chips was the largest in the world. On the 29th June 2011, it took five people over four hours to make the chips, and they even poured it all into a giant version of the chip box Adventure Island usually uses to serve its chips. After the final weighing (deducting the weight of the container of course), the chips were sold off in £1 portions. And the rest of it was donated to feed the pigs at Wick’s Manor Farm in Maldon.

Source: Guinness World Records


4) Most naked people to play mini golf in an hour

Naked mini golf Southend

We don’t know why Southend likes to get its kit off. But if it’s for charity, you can’t question it. In March 2012, 30 people played an 18-hole course of Crazy Golf at Adventure Island and raised £3000 for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Event co-ordinator Tracy Jones said: “With them having to bend down to retrieve the balls from the holes, it made for some interesting sights.”

Source: BBC


5) Longest bumper car marathon

Longest bumper car marathon

In May 2011, Laura Byng from Westcliff completed a 25 hour bumper car marathon at Adventure Island, breaking the previous record of 24 hours. She was allowed a five minute food and toilet break every hour and there had to be at least two other bumper cars driving at the same time.

Source: World Record Academy


6) Largest gathering of centenarians

For those that don’t know what a centenarian is (I’ll admit I had to Google it too), a centenarian is someone over the age of 100. In September 2009, 28 centenarians gathered for a tea party in Leigh-on-Sea. Apparently there was cake and belly dancing.

EDIT: I’ve since found out that this record may actually have been broken in 2013 in Somerset with a total of 40 centenarians.

Source: Guinness World Records


7) Performing a concert at highest altitude in aeroplane

Southend Girls Choir

Though the concert wasn’t actually in Southend, the Southend Girls’ Choir gave a 45 minute recital over the northern coast of Australia at 36000 feet, becoming the world record holders.

Source:  Southend Choirs


8) And last but not least, the longest pleasure pier railway

Southend Pier Railway

We’re all well aware that Southend has the longest pleasure pier and pleasure pier railway in the world! We made the 2013 Guinness Book of Records for our railway! You can read more about the history of Southend Pier and its railway on Love Southend.

Source: Southend.gov 


If you know of any other world records in Southend,

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9) Most handcuffs unlocked under a minute

Stuart Burrell, Southend’s very own local escapologist, contacted us to point out that he set a word record himself in Southend, for the most handcuffs unlocked under a minute! Eight, if you were wondering. He achieved this 14th September 2013.

Source: Guinness World Records