you live in the city, chances are you’ve either been to a supper club, or know someone who has. The idea of supper clubs started in America and made their way to the UK a few years ago. However, perhaps because the British are still somewhat more aloof and introverted than our American counterparts, the idea of social dining is still a new, and for some, scary concept.

Up until now supper clubs have been mainly the preserve of cities, with a few middle class folk trying out their own ‘social dining’ enterprises in the comfort of their own homes and charging their friends a small fee for the privilege of eating off their chipped crockery and drinking from their Ikea glasses. And, lovely as that may sound (or not as the case may be), for most, the idea of dining with strangers is still a little too difficult to swallow.

However, it seems that a business in Southend has come up with a social dining concept that not only promises good food, but an ambiance to match. Taking place in the lovely Delightful Tea Bake School in Great Wakering, local Indian chef Padmaja Kochera, invites guests to come and enjoy a delicious Indian feast in lovely surroundings, with free-flowing wine and hopefully, free-flowing conversation.

Although those who’ve attended a city-based supper club might find this ‘social’ dining concept a little too tame (after all it’s certainly not an ‘underground restaurant’, which is invite-only through blogs, twitter or those in the know), for a supper club newbie, it really is an excellent introduction to an exciting new eating concept.

Plus, with Padmaja preparing her delicious Indian fare in front of the diner’s eyes; who can even join in with the cooking if they so choose, it offers the chance to learn more about Indian cookery and pick up a few helpful cooking hints along the way. “I’ve created a menu of complementary tastes and textures which will take you on a journey into real Indian cookery inviting you to sample a full menu of authentic dishes, whilst enjoying a glass of wine with your fellow diners,” explains Padmaja. “I’ll be sharing stories, authentic recipes, tips and ideas throughout the class.”

Paneer MasalaThe aim of the supper clubs is to offer Southend-based foodies something new and different on their doorstep, but also to give people the chance to learn about food, make friends and treat themselves to a delicious meal.

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This post was written by Nicola Whiteford

Nicola Whiteford is a PR consultant for a range of small food and drink businesses throughout East Anglia. She is a former food journalist and editor.
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