Have you heard of Revolution before? They’re a bar and restaurant that recently opened up in Southend. With over 60 venues across the UK, coming across one of their establishments isn’t something you’ll have to look hard for. Having opened their first bar back in 1996, the company focus is on the premium cocktail drinks and celebratory dining market – a niche that differentiates them from the like of their competitors.

At Love Southend, we were lucky enough to have been invited to their press event of Revolution a day before their grand opening and got to experience a whole variety of drinks, food as well as other magical experiences that they kindly offered. Here’s how we got on.

Revolution Bar Upstairs with retractable roof

The night

The two of us arrived at the event for 6:30pm and were greeted by their staff. We decided to have a pre-wander around the venue, taking a few photos of the place whilst embracing the rustic vibe that the venue had decided to take on for their new venture into the Southend bar market. We headed up a flight of stairs and were taken out into a natural-lit room which featured a second bar separate from the one downstairs and a retractable roof which could be removed in good weather to provide the floor with a feel of the weather outside shining in. After we had got a feel of the place, we headed back downstairs and decided to take to the bar to purchase our first drink each – two “Blank Canvas” made with Ketel One Vodka, lemon juice, sugar, soda and a flavour of our choosing. I chose Sour berry. Our drinks were refreshing and we headed back to the front desk to sign in. After signing in as press, we were invited to pick a free drink of either a Boston Hurricane (Ketel One vodka, Teichenne Peach schnapps, apple syrup, mango and lemon purées, pineapple juice and bramble jam) or a Cosmopolitan Martini (SKYY Citrus vodka with Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime) – we chose one of each. A wise choice. We found both drinks to our satisfaction and I’ll have to brag how wonderful the Boston Hurricane is, I definitely recommend that to any future Revolution bar-goers!

Blank Canvas Drink

After we had finished our two drinks downstairs, we were shown a comprehensive tour by one of the venue’s staff where we saw all the different areas of function within the venue, the method for which the bar area is transformed into a dance floor and the process of which people can go through to easily book a party at the venue. After finishing our tour and ending off around the bar area upstairs, we were asked if we would like to take part in a cocktail masterclass session in which we’ll get to make our own cocktail to drink, we more than certainly agreed to take part and waited for a member of bar staff to be available to carry out such lesson. Whilst waiting, the general manager of Revolution Southend greeted us to his establishment and asked us what we thought of the place and spoke to us of his excitement to bring Revolution to the town. We found the general manager pleasant and a fine character to be heading up the newest “revolution” to the area.

It was soon our time to take part in our cocktail masterclass and we were feeling pretty excited, it’s not something you get to do every day (unless, you work at a bar). We each took a turn to make any drink we fancied from the menu, first up saw us crafting a Quacktail – a drink featuring Círoc Pink grapefruit vodka, Coco Reál, passion fruit syrup, pineapple juice and lime. A few mixes, shakes of the mixture and a whack to open the shaker and it was ready to pour out. Did I mention this came with a yellow rubber ducky and a flower accessory to pop on top?! A drink that went down well, reminding us of the summer season that isn’t quite here. Next up we crafted the Blue Movie – a drink featuring Absolut Berri Acaí vodka, Blue Curacao, lemon, apple juice and lemonade – complete with a grandeur straw. Both drinks were cooling and carbonated, just how you’d want them, but I couldn’t help think back to the drink I had prior, the Boston Hurricane..

Quacktail and Blue Movie Drinks

After we had tasted our masterpieces, we were invited downstairs to try a meal from their menu, a menu offering everything from pizza to pesto and steak to salad. After much deliberation, we went with one glazed half roast chicken with hot sauce, fries, salad and caulislaw – Nandos had nothing on this meal, that’s something we can confirm. We also decided to order one Brooklyn chicken burger – masterminded with buttermilk fried chicken, streaky bacon, smoked cheddar, fried pickles and chipotle BBQ sauce. The flair of offering a fine selection of food as well as alcoholic beverages was one that made it ever so special and unique.

Little later we had ended off our meal and completed our 3+ hour stay at Revolution Bar & Restaurant Southend, promising that we’ll be sure to check out the place again in the future. We left with a wonderful experience of the bar and can safely say it’s a good addition to Southend. Now it’s on their management to make sure it’s Southend’s number one attraction and to maintain the same levels of satisfaction that we experienced during our visit to the press event.

If you fancy to check out this place yourself, it’s located at 8-14 Queens Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS1 1LU from 11am-12am Sunday to Wednesday, 11am-1am on Thursday with a late closure of 11am to 2.30am on Friday and Saturday.