We all love a wiener. Okay. Calm your titters. I’m talking about HOT DOGS.

Until now, the only place you could get a decent hot dog was the cinema. Even then, they are not so much in taste, they just make up for it in immense size. With the advent of ‘gourmet burger’ places popping up every left right and centre, it’s a wonder a gourmet hot dog place hasn’t opened sooner.

Kidding ourselves that the UK hot dogs taste as good as American ones is like kidding ourselves we all look like the perfect, shiny, Zac Efron types that eat them at the ‘kick off carnival’ in this months latest Disney Movie.

Wait no more, Southenders, you can now get a DECENT hot dog at a DECENT price. I popped down to the opening of NY Hot Dogs this Saturday, and as a fan of food in general I was impressed beyond belief.

NY Hot Dogs - Southend

Not only is the price right, the hot dogs are amazing. I had a ‘hog dog’ which is a beef bratwurst with pulled pork and onions. I didn’t let the fact that I couldn’t fit it in my mouth stop me, I ate the whole thing.

The sweet potato fries were crispy, and light, and didn’t taste like most in fast food places that have been bathed in a bucket of grease before you eat them. My sweet potato fries always come out soggy, with about as much ambition as the Nigerian World Cup team, so these really were a treat.

On to my FAVOURITE. This was all washed down with a signature ‘Skittle Shake’ which sounds like a weird concept and tastes absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to get one when I’m hungover. In fact, I think I’ll have a massive bender soon just to suit this purpose.

NY Hot Dogs - Hot Dog costumeNY Hot Dogs is situated under the arches opposite the pier entrance. If you miss it, you are only cheating yourself! If I can make the effort to dress as a hot dog for the occasion, you can make the effort to pop in.

You can find NY Hot Dogs on Facebook and Twitter!

This post was written by Kelly from Confessions of a Sober Essex Girl.

She’s the one dressed up as the hot dog…

I managed to get myself down to NY Hot Dogs on the day of their grand opening too! And I completely agree with Kelly, the food was fantastic and the staff were so friendly and happy to answer any questions or talk about the food and how they source their ingredients locally. Their peanut butter milkshake was also incredibly refreshing…

NY Hot Dogs in Southend

A couple of the pics I managed to get for the Love Southend Instagram.