Meaty meat meat…..

Okay, so I don’t normally write reviews on food or restaurants or bars. There is no reason, just that I have never felt the need to review these places around Southend. Plus I think I enjoy the bars too much to remember what I should be reviewing them on.

BUT my mind has been changed. Very close to my house there used to be a very quiet local bar that felt like someone’s front room. There was nothing bad about it but it wasn’t exacty heaving, so it recently closed down…. And in its place sprung up a Smokehouse.

Oh yeah! A lovely scrummy meaty BBQ Smokehouse mmmmm….

Now, like most men, my other half loves a smokehouse and is obsessed with a certain place in London, so you can imagine his excitement when one was opening literally a hop and a skip from our front door. So much so, he has practically stalked the place waiting for the opening night.

Its name is Gallacher’s.

You would think it’s the Holy Grail the way my other half went on about it.

So yesterday as I went past I noticed a little ‘We Are Open’ sign and, before I could even crack on with our dinner, in walks the miserable, tired, hungry man. Well, what better way to cheer them up than with some BBQ Smokey Ribs…..

AND they were good ribs – perfectly cooked, falling of the bone, smokey, tender ribs. Now I’m not a big BBQ sauce fan but I am a burger fan, and the blue cheese burger was delicious.

Gallachers Smokehouse Bar & Grill

Everything about it was brilliant. Excellent BBQ food, good beer selection, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. We loved it sooo much we are going back after our holiday for the beef ribs. Mmmm… Just need to give 3 days notice so they can get them ready….


So I’m asking all you meat lovers out there (and veggies! – they change the veggie menu monthly, just need to ask the waitress) to hop on a bus that goes down the London Road so you can enjoy a good beer with your ribs.

Gallacher’s Smokehouse Bar & Grill is still quite new but you can find them on Facebook here!