Who needs a main course when you can just skip straight to the best bit?

Stepping in to Creams immediately brought out my inner child. Upon entering you are greeted with a sweet syrup smell and what seems like an abnormally large, double sided menu full of everything dessert based you can imagine from waffles to milkshakes. It’s not just the almost Americanised menu that makes Creams feel like something special, but the interior design quite literally sparkles. With several TV screens playing popular movies scattered all over the walls and comfortable booths for you and your party, Creams instantly makes you feel at home.

Let’s also not forget to mention how I almost bubbled over with excitement when I spotted the photo booth by the entrance, strategically placed next to a box of quirky props, which appeared to be screaming for me to try them on. After seeing pictures all over social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, I couldn’t wait to get involved! At a cost of just £2, we as customers are offered an opportunity to take 4 photos in the booth per payment, which are then printed on to one sheet for you to take home. At first this sounds like an exciting idea, but both times I’ve visited Creams the photo booth has been out of order. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement!

Although the staff were friendly on both visits to Creams Cafe, the service undoubtedly had its faults. Although I was seated quickly and the wait for food wasn’t that long, there is usually a lack of staff taking orders. There was only one person taking the orders on both occasions that I visited, which consequently resulted in a long queue of people waiting to be served. However, Creams Southend is still a newly opened franchise (after opening late July 2014) so it’s almost expected that it will take them a little while to get settled in and iron things out to perfection! Orders for both food and drinks are taken at the bar, where you can also see a clear view of staff preparing them. The food itself is of a high quality, and looks divine! Even though it made me feel a bit like a Man Vs. Food participant, I enjoyed every mouthful that I could manage. Despite the fact that the desserts may seem expensive, they do come out massive, so most of the time you could probably get away with sharing (depending on your willingness to share that is!).

Where is Creams Cafe Southend?