Southend-on-Seasons Greetings!

Christmas time in Southend! And that means we’ll all be busy decorating our homes for Christmas within the next couple of weeks (if we haven’t done so already!).

But what can we do to make our Christmas experience a little more unique this year, embracing our love for our little seaside town? Hopefully some of these ideas for seaside Christmas decorations will get you inspired to do something a little different this year. You don’t have to go all out, but perhaps next time you take a walk along the beach, you might want to pick up a few particularly pretty looking shells and incorporate them into your Christmas decorations this year. Would also make for a lovely family craft project to do with your children once it starts getting too cold to take them to the playground. Or, if you’re a true seasider, you already have a box of sea shells sitting at the back of your cupboard somewhere that you never know what to do with though you really don’t want to throw them away. (I’ve been there….)

Seaside Christmas Trees

Seaside Christmas Trees

Not much of a Christmas tree person? No space in the living room for a massively huge pine tree, no matter how lush it looked at the Christmas tree farm (or the Christmas tree farm website….)? You could glue a bunch of sea shells, or other fun things you have lying around the house, into the shape of a Christmas tree to make a unique centrepiece for your home. Or gather some driftwood and other seaside items you’ve picked up along your seaside strolls to create a seaside Christmas tree. A little bit of fishnet, shells and driftwood draped modestly in fairy lights can look adorably charming sitting in the corner of your living room. Or why not just go to Southend beach and sculpt your own Christmas tree out of sand!

Seaside Christmas Tree Ornaments

Seaside Christmas Tree Ornaments

You might not want to do a whole tree. I wouldn’t blame you. If you go overboard a little bit with it, there’s always that worry that it might end up looking a little tacky. And what an effort to make all your Christmas decorations seaside-themed! Instead, why not opt for a few seaside bits and bobs as Christmas tree ornaments? Little bits of driftwood and fabric make adorable little sail boats, or just spray a little bit of glitter on some shells and tie them to your tree with a bow? Or glue bits of seashell together to make angels, reindeer or any other Christmassy things you can think of! You could cover your baubles in some fishnet to subtly (and tastefully) make them nautical, or just pop a bit of sand and a couple of small seaside shells in a clear bauble.

Seaside Christmas Decorations

Seaside Christmas Decorations

There’s so many fun things you can do for seaside Christmas decorations with just a little bit of imagination! Seaside-themed garlands and wreaths using sea shells and seaside items, or sewing or crocheting seaside-inspired Christmas stockings. Even getting some mason jars and filling them with seaside and Christmas stuff, like a toy Christmas tree surrounded by shells and bells or what have you. We even have a tutorial on using sea shells for candle holders. And what wonderfully fun Christmas activities to do with the family on those cold weekends in.

If you get inspired to create your own seaside Christmas decorations, send us photos on Facebook so we can share them!

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